I want to learn Russian

‘I want to learn Russian’. Is that about you? To learn Russian online with a native-speaking tutor is suitable for everyone. Learn more about the most efficient and cost-effective way to study the Russian language.

Learn Russian Alphabet

Wondering what to start with? Obviously, the first thing is to learn the Russian alphabet. The Russian people use Cyrillic which differs much from Latin. Wondering how many letters there are in the Russian alphabet? There are 33 of them, quite a lot! You’ll have to learn how to write letters and type Cyrillic. So, learning Russian seems to be challenging for English speakers at a first glance.

Russian for Beginners

Our online Russian language school offers an easy solution! We have taught Russian for beginners as well as helped intermediate and advanced level students to master Russian since 2014. With our online tutor you will study the language in an easy and learner-friendly way. You’ll not only learn how to write in Russian but will also be able to read a Russian text and type letters very soon.

Normally complete beginners can use simple Russian phrases and hold a conversation on everyday topics after 15-20 hours of study. However, your progress depends much on your age and motivation. Besides, the frequency of online lessons and the quality of your homework contribute greatly to your success. Wondering how long it will take you to learn Russian? Take a short test.

Learn Russian Grammar

I want to learn Russian

Actually, one will definitely need a private tutor to learn Russian grammar. It has not much in common with the English system. There are 3 noun genders, 6 noun cases, and a complicated verbal system along with numerous exceptions. Thus, Russian grammar remains ‘terra incognita’ for the majority of Russian learners. But not for our students! First of all, your teacher will develop a personalised Russian course based on your needs and goals. It means that every lesson will be tailor-made to your learning style and interests. She will provide online tutoring to help you overcome all the difficulties. We do our best to make your learning effective and enjoyable!

Russian pronunciation

Native Russian tutor is definitely needed to solve the issues with Russian pronunciation. That’s all because you can learn to speak a language correctly only from a native speaker. For example, Russian letter ‘r’ as well as palatalized consonant sounds and sibilants do not exist in English. So, it is really difficult for an English speaker to pronounce Russian words without a qualified teacher’s help.

If you are still in doubt if online tutoring is an efficient way to learn Russian, just consider what our students say about their lessons.

To sum it up, taking regular Russian classes online will step by step bring you to a desired level. Also, find 12 useful tips on how to study Russian easily. Finally, you will be proud to say ‘I speak Russian’ in Russian.

So, learn Russian by Skype with a fully-qualified native teacher! Book a free trial lesson today!

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