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Looking for online Russian teachers? Our university qualified native Russian teachers provide online tutoring by video-conferencing. All you need is a device connected to the Internet and some spare minutes. Your Russian tutor is click away. We guarantee efficient and affordable online lessons conducted by highly-skilled native tutors. So, save your time and money. Learn the language from the comfort of your home or office with one of our online Russian tutors! Book a free trial lesson today!

Why do I look for a native teacher?

As you may know, the best way to learn a new language is by total immersion with native speakers. The thing is that any language is like a living creature which is changing day by day. So, only local people speak real modern language and are aware of all its intricacies.

Of course, not everyone is happy to move to a new country just to speak the language better! However, by connecting with a native teacher during your online Russian lessons, you can experience important aspects of immersion. When you learn Russian online, your tutor will take you beyond the standard vocabulary and grammar.

To be able to teach you the living language which people speak nowadays, your tutor has to live in a Russian-speaking country. Due to online communication growth, it has become possible to easily find a native teacher based in one of the countries where Russian is spoken.

In addition, a private Russian teacher can guide you on a cultural immersion experience. It means that your tutor can introduce you to a new and interesting of culture and way of life.

Indeed, cross-cultural differences are significant. When is it good to use this or that phrase? Anything special about non-verbal communication? Does intonation matter in Russian? These are only a few sample questions which can be covered by a native teacher during your online lessons. These things are easy to miss in a standard classroom setting. In short, when you learn Russian with an online tutor you’ll discover knowledge that you can usually only get from being surrounded by the language every day.

Our enthusiastic tutors are passionate about what they do. For that reason, they want to share everything they know. They can guide you on your journey toward fascinating conversations and an exciting international lifestyle. So, to learn Russian fast, you do need native-speaking tutors who use this language in their everyday life.

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Our Online Russian Tutors

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‘I graduated from the State University of Tomsk in Russia (MA in Russian Language and Literature). Also I received professional training as a teacher of Russian language for foreigners at St-Petersburg State University. I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 20+ years. And I’ve worked as an online Russian tutor for the last 3 years. I’ve also started up a private language school to provide training for other Russian teachers. So, my ultimate goal is to make you feel confident and enjoy the learning process. I will help you to succeed wherever you are in the world! Learn the language with a qualified Russian teacher by video-conferencing!’

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‘I’m an experienced university teacher with PhD in Linguistics. I’ll be glad to teach you Russian or Ukrainian. These languages are usually considered to be very difficult. But in fact everyone can speak Russian or Ukrainian if they work hard enough. My students of many different nationalities prove it! If you are not a native English speaker, don’t worry. My explanations will be clear and easy even for those who speak elementary English. I love my job and the greatest gratification for me is to watch my students making progress. So, if you are looking for online Russian tutors, book a free trial lesson of Russian today!’

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‘I am a university educated teacher and interpreter. I’ve been teaching languages for 8 years. I am a friendly and experienced Russian tutor and enjoy giving lessons via Skype. I also provide a wide range of free learning materials. In fact, whatever your goals are I can help you accomplish them. In addition, I feel great responsibility for each student’s results. So, I hope you too will be as successful as my other students! Book cost-effective Russian lessons today!’

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Привет! I’m a native Russian teacher with PhD in Linguistics. I’ve been working as an Associate Professor at the University for the last 6 years. I’ve taught Russian as a foreign language. My major is Russian studies and new interactive language training approaches. I began tutoring online in 2014. I’d be happy to help you improve your language skills! The thing I most admire in tutoring is sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I would love to help you discover a wonderful world of the Russian language!’

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‘I am a fully qualified Russian teacher. I got my MA in Russian Language and Literature at Teacher training university in 2010.  Since then I have been working as a Russian tutor. Looking for a friendly and experienced tutor? I am sure that my experience and skills will prove to be of great help to you. Firstly, I always try to make my lessons efficient. For that reason I use only modern learning materials issued by leading publishers. Secondly, during the lessons I encourage my students to practice all four skills. So, I’ll help you improve speaking, understanding, reading, and writing in Russian. Don’t hesitate – join my online classes!’

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‘I am trained as a teacher of Russian for foreigners at Lomonosov Moscow State University. I have been teaching Russian both online and in person since 2010.
My lessons are catered to your needs and preferences and of course to your level. Above all, I place great emphasis on the spoken component of the language. This most often yields the best results and retains the interest of my students. Besides, I will set as much homework for you as you find useful. To sum up, I do my best to ensure every lesson is interesting and fruitful. So, start learning Russian by Skype now! Very soon you’ll see that learning Russian is a very fascinating process!’

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‘Привет! I’m an experienced teacher with Master’s Degree in Russian Language. I have a 14 yrs experience in teaching students as young as 5 and as old as 50+. Besides, I’ve been tutoring via Skype for 5 years. I’ll teach you Russian in English easily and positively even if English is not your native language. I enjoy working as a teacher and encourage my students to speak Russian from the very first lesson even if they’re absolute beginners! It’s my strong believe that every language you speak is a door to new life, to world understanding, to new mentality – to the New You! So I’ll help you open doors and build bridges from English to Russian and backwards. Enjoy!’

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‘Hi there! Do you want to learn Russian easily and quickly? If you are really aimed at learning Russian and don’t know how to start, in which direction to move and how not to lose motivation somewhere in the process, then I am here to help you!
I’m a native Russian teacher with more than a decade of tutoring experience. I have an MA in linguistics, and I teach adults and kids both in class and online via Skype or Zoom. For the last 5 years I’ve been teaching Russian for English speakers online. I always try to find an individual approach to each student and to take into account his / her own wishes and abilities. Looking forward to meeting you at my Skype classes!’


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