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Looking for Russian teachers online? has a wide variety of expert native tutors that can help you learn Russian remotely. In fact, live lessons by fully-qualified teachers are suitable for anyone.

➤Whatever your level is, we can help! Russian courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students are available. No matter what level you start at, our Russian teachers will help you improve your skills and make progress.

➤Wherever convenient! You can learn Russian on Skype / Zoom etc from your computer or phone at any place, where you can find Internet. Exercise at your convenience from home, at work and while travelling.

➤Whenever you can!  Choose a suitable time for your Russian lessons. Suspend or reschedule when necessary.

➤Whatever your reasons for learning Russian language is, you’ll need support and guidance. Whether you want to be able to communicate with your Russian partner, or friend, or client, our university-trained teachers will help you learn in the most effective way possible.

➤Motivation to continue. Our online Russian teachers create a low-stress learning environment due to personalised lessons. Every session is catered to your needs, interests and learning style.

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Are lessons by Russian teachers online effective?

russian teachers online
Lots of people are wondering how to learn Russian online. Is online tutoring an effective way of learning a new language?

Firstly, the students of Russian Online courses can choose suitable time, duration and frequency of the lessons. Apart from that, they can choose a level: for beginners, intermediate, colloquial, business etc.

Secondly, Russian lessons online are very similar to the individual lessons. The teacher introduces the material, gives the explanations and the assignments. The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. Importantly, during the online sessions the main focus is on the conversational language.

It is a well-known fact that all organs of perception have to be involved in the learning a foreign language. “Sharing screen” function allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials to a student.

The other tool which is actively used during Russian online lessons is a chat. It serves both to a teacher and a student as an interactive board. The student and the teacher exchange the assignments, which can be marked immediately. Also, they can exchange messages in Russian and correct the pronunciation during the lesson. During Skype or Zoom lessons the chat is used as a ‘prompter’. It allows the teacher to correct the mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

All these opportunities and tools allow tutors to organise and spend full integrated Russian online lessons. As a result, the student is learning to speak, understand, read and write in Russian.

Taking everything into account, use the opportunity to learn Russian by video-conferencing. Experienced native-speaking teachers are waiting for you!

Why do I look for a native teacher?

As you may know, the best way to learn a new language is by total immersion with native speakers. The thing is that any language is like a living creature which is changing day by day. So, only local people speak real modern language and are aware of all its intricacies.

Of course, not everyone is happy to move to a new country just to speak the language better! However, by connecting with a native teacher during your online Russian lessons, you can experience important aspects of immersion. When you learn Russian online, your tutor will take you beyond the standard vocabulary and grammar.

To be able to teach you the living language which people speak nowadays, your tutor has to live in a Russian-speaking country. Due to online communication growth, it has become possible to easily find a native teacher based in one of the countries where Russian is spoken.

In addition, a private Russian teacher can guide you on a cultural immersion experience. It means that your tutor can introduce you to a new and interesting of culture and way of life.

Indeed, cross-cultural differences are significant. When is it good to use this or that phrase? Anything special about non-verbal communication? Does intonation matter in Russian? These are only a few sample questions which can be covered by a native teacher during your online lessons. These things are easy to miss in a standard classroom setting. In short, when you learn Russian with an online tutor you’ll discover knowledge that you can usually only get from being surrounded by the language every day.

Our enthusiastic tutors are passionate about what they do. For that reason, they want to share everything they know. They can guide you on your journey toward fascinating conversations and an exciting international lifestyle. So, to learn Russian fast, you do need native-speaking tutors who use this language in their everyday life.

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