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Are you looking for professional Russian video translation services? Do you need to subtitle or voice over your videos? ​If you have a multimedia file or any video content in Russian to be translated, our expert native Russian linguists are here to help! We can translate it into English and 10+ other languages as well as doing the Russian transcription, typesetting, subtitling, captioning and voice over for you!

Needless, we are a video generation. With social media growing so quickly, Russian video translation services are becoming more and more popular to help you understand a Russian-speaking Internet audience. Our service is also in demand for those looking to reach out to more than 300 million people around the world who use Russian as their first or second language.

Under conditions of globalisation we can also help brands and businesses to establish a native presence in Russian markets worldwide. With our multimedia localization services you’ll get many of the same solutions as video translators, including subtitles.
Translate video
The types of video content​ we deal with include but are not limited to:

AD Commercials, advertisements
Video guides
Video manuals
Video instructions, lessons, tutorials
Films, cartoons
Video files
YouTube videos
Vimeo videos
Instagram reels and stories
TikTok videos

Translation from Russian to Your target language!

We mainly offer Russian video translation services for the following language pairs:

Russian to English video translation
russian video translation
Russian to French video translation

Russian to German video translation

Russian to Spanish video translation

Russian to Italian video translation

Russian to Ukrainian video translation
russian video translation

We translate between English and Russian and can also translate from Russian to other major European languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Polish.

Here is how to get Russian video translation

Attach files or share links

Get a free quote

Make a partial payment online

Get the screenshot of the translation

Pay the rest

Get your translation

1. Submit your video

Please simply attach your video file in whatever format or share us a link with us via our contact form. As for the file format, we can translate MP4  as well as other digital formats (MOV, WMV, AVI, AVCHD, FLV, F4V, SWF, MKV, WEBM and many more). We handle orders 7am-7pm GMT, so we will get back to you within our working hours.

While submitting your request please specify your requirements in Comments:

russian translation audio

We translate between Russian and 10+ major European languages

Target language (Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Ukrainian)
Speaker labels for multi-speaker videos. Would you like us to identify the speakers?
Timestamps. We use a 5 min timestamping as a standard, but can easily adjust to your requirements.
Accompanying transcript in the source language. If it’s also necessary, you’ll get the texts in both languages side-by-side.
Invoice currency. We mostly issue invoices in , , . However, invoices in major world currencies are available.
Text file format. Would you like to have the translated text in PDF, DOC, TXT or any other format?
Deadline. Please mind that the turnaround time influences the price.

2. Get your free quotation

As a matter of fact, translation fees depend on the turnaround times. Here are our approximate Russian translation rates per 1 min of audio (up to 60 mins duration). If your video duration is more than 1h, it might take us longer accordingly. For faster translations an additional surcharge equal to 30% of a total project price will be applied.

Currency3 business days7 business days10 business days

We do need to watch the video prior to giving you the quotation, and to check things like sound quality. Background noise, multiple speakers who whisper or speak simultaneously can make the task more complicated, and this will clearly have a knock-on effect on the final price. If you are starting from scratch, try to get video with the best sound possible.

Our video translation rates are lower than those of other translation companies. Find a better price for translation services by university trained translators and get a discount!

3. Make a partial payment online

Once we have discussed all the details, we issue an invoice for a deposit (50% of the total price). We issue invoices in major world currencies. You can find possible payment methods here. After a partial payment is made, we start working on your project immediately.

It’s a given that the best translation of a Russian speech can be produced only by a native speaking professional. For that reason, we hire only native Russian translators with university degrees, and who use the language on a daily basis. In addition, our linguists are experienced in translating diverse videos, audios and texts. So, you can be sure we will do the the best translation job for you.

4. Get the screenshot of the document with the translated Russian video

Finally, we inform you that the translation is complete and send you the screenshot of the digital document, so that you can ascertain that it really exists.

5. Pay the remaining amount

We next issue an invoice for the remaining balance (50% of the total price) and wait for the payment to reach our end.

6. Get your video translation

As soon as we receive the second part of the payment we will send you the text in the target language. Please let us know what file format suits you best. We can copy the text into PDF, Word Doc, TXT or another file type. Finally, we deliver the document in a digital format to you in time.

russian audio translation

Let our expert linguists get you satisfied with our Russian video translation!

If you don’t know how to get Russian video translation, look no further than booking Russian translation services from us! Let our expert linguists deliver an editable text document in your target language. Accuracy and quality guaranteed!
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