What to do at home alone? – Learn a new language by Skype! – 10 PROS

by Elena Voronina,
Online Russian Tutor
MA Hons in Language Teaching,
MA Hons in Psychology

Looking for what to do at home alone during quarantine? Then consider language lessons via Skype with a university-educated teacher!

what to do at home alone

In the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, it’s essential that we keep personal contact to an absolute minimum. No doubt, coronavirus can’t reach you via webcam. Any computer, tablet or even smartphone with an access to the Internet and Skype or Zoom downloaded will now help you learn remotely.

Just consider 10 more reasons why language learners choose classes with an online language tutor while trapped inside.

  1. Learn from any place.

I was interested in resuming my Russian lessons. I’m stuck currently in Thailand, no flights back to London so I could do Skype lessons.

Wherever you are in the world you can learn a new language or improve your skills. Any device connected to the Internet can help you erase borders. But you won’t be alone in your way. Our university-trained teacher will give you a helping hand.

2) Learn any language with an expert teacher.

Learning a foreign language is not easy but learning with a good tutor definitely helps a lot to speed up the learning process.

The teacher has lots of experience and structures the lessons based on my objectives.

We not only offer Russian lessons via Skype. More online language lessons are provided by ‘OK’ tutoring company. They teach 10+ languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Norwegian and more. Please browse for okallcorrect.co.uk. Just choose a language you wish to learn and book a free 30min trial lesson with an online tutor. You can change your tutor at any time on request. Find a tutor whose teaching style suits you best!

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3) Save money

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak and the work from home measures being put in place I might not have any money coming in.

Taking Skype lessons are really cost-effective. This is because teacher doesn’t waste her time on dressing-up and travelling. In fact, she can do Skype lessons in a row without any breaks or with quite short ones. Besides, our online tutors provide all the necessary learning materials for free. It means that you will receive the appropriate course-books and handouts in digital format by email. Make sure that text files and audios, presentations and videos are all VIRUS-FREE :). 

what to do at home alone

Our online tutors know for sure what to do at home alone. They create a personalised study programme for their students. Actually, every lesson is tailor-made in accordance to your needs. Worksheets will be sent before each Skype session for the student to be able to print them out. Furthermore, homework materials and homework checking are provided for free. And you don’t need to care about tea and biscuits for your teacher anymore! In short, you can SAVE on trips, training materials and little treats. But what is more important, we offer very competitive prices for online lessons by university-educated teachers. The tutor will assess your level and suggest a study plan. So, the programme will be individually tailored to suit your needs and goals.

4) Get discounts

I hate to haggle, but given that I’m not currently working, every little bit of money helps and even £10 can be used for a few days of food.

To reduce the financial burden you might face in the short run, we have prepared some great special offers for you.

  • Ester offer: buy a block of lessons between 6th Apr and 20th Apr and get 10% off!
  • Small group lessons discount: Save up to 40% of a lesson cost for a group of 2-3 students. It means that our prices start at only £10 per student!

5) Pay in installments.

Times are a bit tough with this Coronavirus!

We can totally understand that and would like to support you during this difficult time! So, now installment payments are available. It means that the block of cheapest lessons has become even more affordable. You can split the total amount into 2 or even 3 payments if necessary. So, opt in for our payment plan and reduce your cash spend in the short term!

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6) Flexibility

This is really such a flexible way to fit around my timetable.

I’m pretty flexible at the moment, since I’m not working.

The lesson time-table can be flexible to meet the student’s requirements. Choose the time which suits you best. If you an early bird, then we will find a tutor who is available in the mornings. Evening classes would be great for a heavy-sleeper. In one word, your online tutor will get adjusted to your rhythm, so that you won’t be bored when you are at home alone. Indeed, no local classes can offer you such advantages.

7) Any frequency

I was thinking of doing a weekly class, since we’re currently in lockdown due to the virus.

We have been told to stay at home because of this virus so I now have lots of free time. I wondered whether I might be able to do an intensive Russian course online?

The students of online courses can choose the frequency of classes. Actually, you can do as many lessons as you find it useful. However, it would be strongly recommended that you had at least 2 sessions per week with homework in between. It’s for you to have something to do at home alone 🙂

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8) Spend your spare time on developing your language skills

I have basic French and would like to improve it during lock down – to help me communicate when travelling in France in future.

Don’t spend time on doubts anymore – start improving your language competence today. Because now you have a splendid opportunity to break through the language barrier with the help of an expert teacher. So, improve significantly and gain confidence.

9) Any level

I speak no Spanish, nor do I know any. 

Well, I have a basic understanding from GCSE French many years ago but would like to pick this up again during this time of self isolation.

I studied Russian language and literature at Oxford University and lived in Yaroslavl for 8 months in 2015. I am going back to Oxford to do a Masters degree in September and would like to get my Russian back up to scratch. My end goal is to speak fluently in Russian on all topics and colloquially. 

Whether you start from scratch, or you are an intermediate level student or even an advanced learner – Skype lessons would work for you. No matter your current level is, our fully-qualified and experienced teachers would be happy to help you achieve your goals.

10) Pay online and stay safe!

I’m a bit uncomfortable about transferring money to someone – as I would ideally buy a bigger package of classes which would come out cheaper.

Hopefully, you’ll find it more secure to make payments via the company website.

You can pay for Skype lessons online in a secure way and avoid face-to-face contact. Our payment providers offer payment protection. Firstly, you can pay by local bank transfer (BACS) using your online banking. Secondly, you can pay by card in a safe way. 3D Secure is the most modern safety standard, which provides the safest payment on the Internet. Thirdly, ApplePay, GooglePay and QR-code payment options are also available. Please find all payment methods here.

We have recently joined to Trustpilot to collect reviews and some of our clients kindly provided their written and video testimonials. So, you can be sure you buy lessons from a trusted company!

what to do at home alone

During the quarantine, all you can do is stay at home and practice social distancing. You should have more time now, so use it to your advantage. From a self-development and career perspective, you can make a change. Hopefully, you now know what to do at home alone. Learning a language via Skype will help you come out of the Coronavirus stronger. Put in the effort so you can grow!

We offer a free introductory session which is 30 minutes long. Then you can either continue classes or have one more free trial lesson with another tutor. Book a free trial now!

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