English to Russian Transcription Services

english to russian transcription services

Our expert translators provide accurate English to Russian translation of audio

Looking for English to Russian transcription services? Our qualified translators are here to help you! We manually convert any audio or video in English to Russian text. In other words, our qualified team provides a direct translation from English audio/video into Russian.


Why opt for our audio translation services?

english to russian transcription servicesProfessional Staff

What makes us stand out among our competitors, is that we specialise in Russian language services. We hire only experienced native Russian specialists holding University degrees in English Linguistics. It’s an accepted fact that for the best translations, one should look for a native translator. Our native-speaking professionals are trained in both pair languages. Therefore you can expect you book the highest-quality English to Russian transcription services.

Satisfied Clientele

translate english to russian audioWe urge you to explore our reviews on Trustpilot’s online platform. Notably, Trustpilot stands as the globe’s most potent review hub, hosting genuine, unfiltered feedback from customers across the world. Hence, you can be confident that you’re engaging with a trusted service provider. Refer to our Trustpilot reviews. We do have pride in our rating – 97% of our clients gave us 5 stars!

100% Meticulous Hand-Made Translations

By booking our professional translation project you entrust your project to a dedicated human translator, not to a machine. Consequently, you’ll avoid any private data leakage which is possible when using online tools for English to Russian transcription services.


We deal with any type of recorded English speech:

YouTube videos
Oral stories
Phone conversations
Dictaphone notes

and more!
We can audio-type a podcast transcript as well as an interview transcript. Moreover, dictaphone and telephone transcription services are available. We transcribe not only MP3 files but also other digital formats (MP4, WAW, AIFF, OGG, AAC, FLV, AVI, MOV, and more).

Alongside Russian, we deal with more than 10 major European languages besides.

Here is how to book our English to Russian transcription services

Upload files

Get a free quote

Make a partial payment online

Get the screenshot of the translated text

Pay the rest

Get your document translation

Firstly, you send us your media file in English via online form by clicking on the ‘Get a free quote’ button below. Our professional translator carefully listens to it. Since audio quality influences the cost, try to obtain the best recording possible. Please attach your file or share the link. We handle orders 7 am – 7 pm GMT and will get back to you within our working hours.
While submitting your request, please specify the following in Comments:

#1 Is an accompanying English transcript required? If you need to have both languages side-by-side, we will produce the transcript of the source audio as well.

#2 Do you need timestamps? If you need them, please let us know how often. We use 5-minute timecodes as a standard but can adjust to your requirements. For example, when speakers change, or when each sentence starts, or every certain period.

#3 What is the deadline? Please note that a surcharge (20%) can be applied to urgent orders.

#4 What’s the overall duration of your recordings? N.B. We offer discounts for large orders!

#5 What type of text file do you need? Shall we create a Word.doc, PDF, TXT, or any other file format?

#6 Anything else you would like to specify?
All this info will allow us to give you our precise fee.

Next, we email you our quotation and the turnaround time. If the final cost and the delivery date work for you, we send you our invoice in your preferred currency and waiting for a 50% deposit to come through.

Then our fully qualified translator renders the recording from English to Russian and types an editable document in the target language.

The created text will be proofread by a professional native Russian editor to ensure the best quality translation. Once finished, you’ll receive a screenshot of the complete translation.

Finally, you pay the balance and we deliver the digital text file to you by e-mail.

As a result, you will receive a Russian version of your video or audio file adapted to your project specifications and needs. Trust us to deliver a perfect translation!



Subject areas of English to Russian Transcription Services:

General transcription
Business transcription
Medical transcription
Legal transcription
Academic transcription
Media transcription

All you need and more!

English to Russian Transcription Services Rates

Above all, we offer cheap transcription and translation services. Our rates are lower than those of other translation companies. Find a better price and get a discount! If you wish to discuss your project in detail, we are a click away – get a free quote today!


 Translation rates per 1 minute of audio depend mostly on the turnaround times and audio quality. Below are our minimal prices for good-quality recordings (1-2 speakers) with a duration of up to 60 minutes. Of course, we handle lengthy files, too. But it might take us a bit longer.

Currency7 business days3 business days1 business day

Among factors, that can add to the cost are the following:

  • Poor quality recording (whisper, background noise, murmur, accents etc.)
  • Tight deadline
  • Frequent timecodes
  • Overlapping voices
  • Multiple speakers
  • Speaker labeling
  • Special text file formatting
  • Domain-specific terminology



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