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Russian Translation of an Audio

Our expert team of native Russian linguists can transcribe and translate any audio or video to or from Russian. For video translation services please visit this page.

We provide translations to / from the major European languages including but not limited to: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian. To get an accurate transcription or translation of a Russian audio you will definitely need a native Russian speaker’s help. Because existing software still can’t offer high accuracy especially if the recording is not perfect. Mispronunciations, background noise, music, strong wind and multiple speakers can result in a low recognition rate. You’ll have to correct tons of errors after using an automated audio translator. It would be practically impossible if your level of Russian is not good enough. By contrast, our brains still remain the best tools for recognising human speech. For super accurate and fast Russian translation of an audio, look no further than Russian Language Services. Simply send us the file or a link and get your free quote today!
Translate audio

We can translate any audio to / from Russian

Oral stories
Phone conversations
Dictaphone notes
Audio messages in chats
and more!

As a side note, our expert team of translators can also provide Russian to English translation of an audio and same language Russian transcription services.

Translate audio

Here is how to get Russian translation of an audio

#1 Upload files or share links

#2 Get a free quote

#3 Make a partial payment online

#4 Get the screenshot of the translation

#5 Pay the rest

#6 Get your translation

Step #1 Submit your file

Please simply attach your audio file in whatever format or share a link via our contact form. As for the file format, we can translate mp3 as well as other digital formats (mp4, WAW, AIFF, OGG, AAC, FLV, AVI, MOV and many more). We handle orders 7am-7pm GMT, so we will get back to you within our working hours.

When submitting your request please specify your requirements in Comments:

russian translation audio

We translate between Russian and 10+ major European languages

Target language (Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Ukrainian)
Speaker labels
Accompanying transcript in the source language
Invoice currency (USD, GBP, EUR or another)

Step #2 Get your free quote

Prior to sending you a quotation, we do need  to listen to the recording. Audio-quality will definitely have an impact on recognition rate and thus on translation quality.  Background noise,  multiple speakers who whisper or speak simultaneously can make the task more complicated, and this will obviously affect the final price.If you start from scratch make sure you get the best recording possible.

Our audio translation rates are lower than those of other companies. Find a better price for translation services by university educated translators and get a discount!

As a matter of fact, transcript fees depend on the turnaround times. Here are our approximate Russian translation rates per 1 min of an audio (up to 60 mins duration)

Currency7 business days3 business days1 business day

Step #3 Make a partial payment online

Once we have discussed all the details, we issue an invoice for a deposit (50% of the total price), in major world currencies. You can find possible payment methods on our payment page. After a partial payment is made, we start working on your project immediately.

Step #4 Get the screenshot of the translation

It’s a well-known fact that the best Russian translation can be produced only by a native speaking professional. For that reason, we hire only native Russian translators with university degrees. What is more important, they use the language on a daily basis. In addition, our linguists are experienced in translating diverse audios and texts. You can be sure we will do our best to convert your audio to Russian text.

Finally, we inform you that the translation is complete and send you the screenshot of the digital document, so that you double-check it really exists.

Step #5 Pay the rest

We then we issue an invoice for the remaining balance (50% of a total price) and wait for the payment to reach our end.

Step #6 Get your Russian to English translation

As soon as we receive the second part of the payment we will send you the text in Russian. Please let us know what file format suits you best. We can copy the text into PDF, Word Doc, TXT or any other file type. Finally, we  deliver the document in digital format to you asap.

We can translate audio to Russian in the following subject areas:
All you need and more!

russian audio translation

We’ll do our best to translate your audio Russian<>English or another language

If you don’t know how to to get Russian translation of an audio, look no further than booking Russian translation services from us! Let our expert linguists properly convert it to an editable text document in Russian. Accuracy and quality guaranteed!

Translate audio


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