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Native Russian transcriber manually converts Russian audio to text

Looking for a Russian transcriber? Our native professionals offer quality, fast and affordable Russian audio transcription services. Stick to native linguists: the only people you can really trust to recognise speech. All our specialists are university-trained linguists and native Russian speakers.


Why Choose Our Russian Transcriber?

100% PROFESSIONAL NATIVE transcribers

Firstly, our transcribers will work from your media file (audio or video) and will transcribe the speech in Russian.
Secondly, the created Russian text will be proofread by a professional native editor to ensure the best quality transcript.
Finally, we will deliver the text file by e-mail on time!

We transcribe Russian audio of any type:

Dictaphone notes
Oral stories
Phone conversations
YouTube videos
and more!

In short, any spoken word in Russian can be easily converted to a text file customised to your requirements.

russian transcription service

Russian transcription services

As for the file format, we transcribe mp3 files and other digital formats (mp4, WAW, AIFF, OGG, AAC, FLV, AVI, MOV etc).

Dictation services are available online via video conference. For example, you need someone to type a Russian transcript of your dictation. Have a video call with our professional and she will provide audio typing online! You will receive a transcript of your dictation in a digital format.

Equally, we can easily translate Russian audio into English. Our staff is not only fluent in English, but they also have degrees in English linguistics.

Moreover, our team provides English to Russian translation of audio. Trust your translation project to our professionals! Please submit your request 24/7 via our online form.


We handle orders 7 am-7 pm GMT+1, so we will get back to you within our working hours. It is essential for us to listen to your recording first, to quote you our precise fee. Please do attach your file or share the link.


We provide manual transcription in Russian in the following subject areas:

General transcription
Business transcription
Medical transcription
Legal transcription
Academic transcription
Media transcription

All you need and more!

Rates for Russian Transcription Services

Importantly, we provide Russian voice-to-text transcription for very competitive prices. With transcription rates per 1 minute of audio, this depends on the turnaround times. N.B. Prices are applied to an audio with a duration of up to 30 minutes. However, no matter how long your audio is, we are here to help you.

Currency7 business days3 business days1 business day


Russian Transcriber Services Application


transcribe russian audio to text

Russia speech to text services

Russian Audio transcription is essential to properly comprehend and use audio content. Benefit from the accurate conversion of speech into written text! Capture interviews, lectures, podcasts and other audio materials.

Academic Research:

Academic research encompasses a broad range of disciplines in which audio transcription is invaluable. Transcribing interviews, focus-group discussions, or recorded conversations is used in analyzing data, identifying themes and supporting research findings.

Accessibility Compliance:

To meet accessibility compliance requirements, transcription of Russian audio content is vital. Accessible content for individuals with disabilities should be provided by organisations and institutions. Therefore, transcribing audio into text becomes crucial in ensuring that everyone is catered for with regard to access to information.

Media and Entertainment:

Transcribing Russian audio is helpful in the production of subtitles for movies, television series, and internet videos. Thus, foreign content can be enjoyed by more people.

Market Research:

Businesses can obtain consumer insight by transcribing focus group discussions, customer feedback, and recording interviews. As a result, organizations can get data for decision-making to enhance their product and services.

Historical Documentation:

Preserving and documenting cultural heritage can only be possible through transcribing historical audio recordings. Historians or researchers can understand the events taking place in history from archives by transcribing Russian language audio from these sources.

Training and Development:

russian audio transcription

Russian Transcriber

Recorded trainings, workshops, and webinars are great sources of continuous learning. The participants can refer to the transcripts for re-learning, revising crucial points as well as applying the obtained knowledge to their respective areas of practice.

Content Localisation:

Transcription of audio content contributes to content localization. Transcripts enable a company to create localized messages for its intended Russian-speaking consumers.

Voice Recognition Technology:

Speech to text Russian transcription is extremely important for training and advancing voice recognition machines.

Financial Services:

Transcription services in the finance sector aid in converting Russian speeches into written documentation of financial deals, conferences, and discourses. It helps meet regulatory requirements and records important financial data.

Medical and Healthcare:

Transcription of Russian audio is necessary in the sphere of health care for exact fixing of patients’ dialogues, medical researchers’ talks and conversations on health problems. Transcriptions in this regard help to make conversations fruitful and crucial information accessible.


Russian podcast episodes become much more pleasant and helpful to listen to if there is an accompanying transcript. This enables the content to be searched and gives users a written summary to refer to quickly.

Content Indexing:

Transcribing Russian audio allows for efficient content indexing and organisation. By converting audio into written text, businesses and organisations can categorise and tag their content. Thus, that makes it easier to search, retrieve, and repurpose.

Speech Analysis and Voice Training:

Transcribing Russian audio aids in speech analysis and voice training. Speech therapists, actors, and public speakers can analyse the transcriptions. That can help to identify areas for improvement, refine pronunciation, and enhance vocal delivery.


In summary, the Russian transcription services are quite useful in both personal and business situations. Reliable and accurate manual transcription in Russian can only be generated by expert native linguists. Hire our professional team to manually convert spoken Russian into typewritten text to preserve important information and to use audio resources at full capacity. So, contact us today and let’s talk about your project needs. Trust our professional native Russian transcriptionists, and we shall leave you happy! Request for a free quote in case you need English to Russian translation service or vice versa.


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