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Jack Losh, London, about Russian lessons

Natasza Wojcik, London, about Russian lessons on Skype (

Francesco Lucidi, London, about Russian lessons (

Donna Mabey, London, about Russian lessons via Skype (

Justin Barton, London, about Russian Lessons via Skype (


Ka Yee Julie Meck, UK, about Russian classes online (

‘Natalia is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher who always tries to make our lessons fun. However, at the same time she makes sure that all the basics are covered. Our lessons combine a structured approach and more spontaneous conversational practice, which I find useful. In addition, Natalia also always sets homework after each lesson to help me consolidate everything I’ve learnt. To sum up, I would recommend Natalia as a Russian teacher.’

Chris O’Connor, UK, about online Russian lessons (

‘I had been making very slow progress teaching myself Russian using online tools. So, I thought that i’d benefit from speaking to a real native speaker. When I was offered a free lesson, I was not disappointed. I am now 16 lessons or so in, and feel I am making real progress. I was floundering with basic Russian grammar until my teacher pointed me in the right direction. My vocabulary and understanding has exploded. Importantly, she records the lessons so i can listen back to her corrections and advice. Moreover, she supplies me with great source material to learn from.’

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