English to Russian Translation Rates

english to russian translation rates per word

Looking for the best Russian to English or English to Russian translation rates per word? Search no further! We offer affordable and transparent pricing for professional translations. Indeed, our rates are lower than those of our competitors. Find a better price for expert services performed by filly-qualified native Russian translators and get a discount!


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English – Russian Translation Rates Per Word / Per Minute

Typically, word count is used as a measure for pricing in document translation services. As for audio, file duration is directly related to translation cost. Here are our minimal rates for translating texts and media files of good quality (general subjects). Our prices include manual translation performed by professional native Russian translators and bilingual editing. Minimal order cost is applied for documents containing less than 250 words and recordings lasting less than 2 minutes.

Type of Content

English To Russian Translation Rates

Russian To English Translation Rates

Per Source WordMinimal OrderPer Source WordMinimal Order
Typewritten Document
Handwritten Document
Audio/Video Recording
Per MinuteMinimal OrderPer MinuteMinimal Order

Russian Proofreading & Transcription Rates

The following prices refer to monolingual services – proofreading texts, Russian cursive recognition and audio transcription services. Please note, these are minimal rates for good-quality source files (legible texts and audible recordings). However, we need to see the document or listen to the audio to give you our estimate. So, request your free quotation to find out about the final cost. Minimal order is $8 / £6. We charge it to handle texts with less than 250 words and audio files shorter than 2 minutes.


Cursive To Text

Speech To Text

Per PagePer PagePer Minute


What Can Add To The Russian Translation Cost

Poor quality source text or recording
The more time and effort it will take us to decipher and understand the oral or written message in your file, the more we will have to charge. So, try to obtain the best copy possible.

Small order
If the document length is less than 250 words, or your recording is shorter than 2 minutes the minimal price of an order is applied.

Specialized content
Industry-specific terminology requires a professional in the appropriate field which has to be engaged in the translation process. His expertise and skills add value.

Complicated formatting
Tables, graphics, columns, special fonts and any other format and layout requirements are time-consuming and will result in a higher English to Russian translation rate per word.

Special file format
If you need to have your translation in some program working in which requires special skills or that is paywalled, that will add to the cost.

Tight deadline
Our normal turnaround time is 24h for a 1K-word document. We will have to engage more professionals if you have an urgent order. Our surcharge in this case is +20%.

Special Offers And Discounts for Our English to Russian Translation Services

#1 Get bulk discounts!

We offer the following discounts for large orders:

10% OFF – for orders larger than 500 standard pages (125K words of a source text and more) and longer than 1K minutes of audio recording

5% OFF – if you need to translate >200 pages (50K words) or >500 minutes of recording

2% OFF – you have >100 pages (25K words) or >200 minutes of an audio file to be translated

#2 Participate in Our ‘Refer a Friend’ Programme

We value every client, and if you are so kind as to bring us a new one, we would be happy to offer you an additional discount. Get 10% off on your order after you successfully generate a referal. What is more, your friend will also get the same discount on their first order!

#3 Get Your Birthday Discount!

Book any linguistic service we offer within a week before and a week after your special day and a 10% discount will be applied. Just send us the photo of your ID card and benefit from even cheaper professional language help!

Find Better Rates – Get 5% Off!

If you somehow manage to get a better quotation for professional translation services between English and Russian provided by native linguists with university degrees, we will happily offer you a 5% discount!
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We translate between Russian and 10+ languages

translation english to russian price

As a side note, we translate from Russian to 10+ languages and in the reverse direction.
Following are the language combinations that we are most professional with:

Source language: English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Russian / Ukrainian / Polish / Norwegian / Dutch / Danish
Target language: Russian / Ukrainian / English / French / German


Types of content we deal with

Text in any format
Handwritten message
Conversation – both live and recorded
Text embedded on image
Cursive to text or text to cursive
YouTube video
Whatsapp audio message
Instagram stories and reels
Telegram audio and video message
Video file in any format
Speech – both live and recorded
Audio file in whatever format

In short, we handle any type of content and translate it in both directions.

When it comes to Russian English translation services rates, it’s essential to consider various factors. The complexity of the content, the subject matter, and the desired turnaround time can all impact the pricing.

At our translation agency, we strive to provide fair and affordable prices for linguistic services. Our competitive Russian to English translation rates per word and English to Russian translation rates per word are based on industry standards and take into account the expertise and experience of our professional translators.


Why book English-Russian translations with us?

We are proud to have a lot of contented clients. 97% of them awarded us 5 stars on Trustpilot!

Our expert translators have provided Russian translating and interpreting services since 2014.

Importantly, our translations are meticulously generated by human professionals.

Our translators are university-educated linguists with vast experience. Thus, you can be sure about the translation quality.

Our professionals are trained in both pair languages – Russian and English. So, they are capable of translating in both directions.

& Actually, our staff deals with any word – both spoken and written. So, any text or recording can be conveyed into your target language. It means that we can translate voice from audio or video files as well as typed documents and handwritten messages.

As a matter of fact, the best translator is the one whose mother tongue is the target language. Indeed, all our translators are native speakers of Russian.

After translators finish their work, our professional editor proofreads the final copy. Thus, you can be sure it’s free of any inaccuracies.

In fact, our language services can be booked from any point of the globe. All you need is any gadget with access to the internet

You can submit your request via our online form 24/7. We will get back to you ASAP within our working hours 7 am – 7 pm GMT+1.

In addition, we offer affordable prices, volume discounts and special offers.

Moreover, you can request a quotation for your project for free.

Besides, we can create SEO texts and meta-tags if needed. It helps improve the search engine rankings of your content. As a result, your texts or media files can be found by Russian-speaking users more easily.

So, experience our reliable services and fair pricing, and take your communication to the next level. Request your free price quote and start your project today.

Get a Precise Free Quote for English <> Russian Translation

Every project is one-of-a-kind. Thus we can come up with various pricing options to cater to your specific requirements. Therefore, we offer competitive prices per word in order not to harm your pocket and provide you with good quality English-Russian translation.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that a high-quality translation can be done only by professional skilled translators. Indeed, our experts are all native Russian speakers proficient in English. What is more important, they have experience in different subject areas. That’s why they provide accurate and precise results. It means that they carry the semantic and cultural content embedded in the source text and maintain the integrity of your message. Most of all we prioritise quality and ensure that each word is carefully translated. Therefore we are eager to provide you with a polished and professional result.

For a more accurate quotation on our service for your specific project, kindly let us know your demands. Thus, we can give you exact figures depending on the number of factors. For example, word count, level of difficulty, deadline and other services you would like included will influence the final cost. We aim to provide the best Russian translation cost in the industry.

In fact, our goal is to deliver exceptional outcomes at competitive prices – the rates start at $0.06 per word. Thus, we aim to ensure your satisfaction and enable effective communication between English and Russian speakers.

So, if you’re looking for reliable Russian to English or English to Russian translation services with transparent rates per word, our team is ready to assist you. We are also happy to help you with Russian to English translations. Contact us today to discuss your language needs, and let us help you bridge the language gap effectively. If you are looking for the best English to Russian translation rates, please feel free to contact us today.



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