Online Typing Services

Russian typing servicesOnline typing services needed? Or data entry is required? We provide customers with affordable remote typing services fulfilled by qualified linguists. Our typists have university degrees in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian.

Our typist can work as your online secretary. She provides data entry services as well as online typing services. Moreover, offline typing is available.

We know that high-qaulity and deadlines are the most important priorities. So, you can be sure you will receive your file in time!


We provide the following online typing services:

Handwriting to Word
Handwriting to Excel
Data to Excel
Voice to Text
Dictation to Text
Image to Text

Retyping Handwritten Document

Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize a handwritten text. So, trust us to decrypt the handwriting.  And get the text in a digital format by e-mail in possible shortest time!

In fact, Russian cursive looks scaring. Especially for an English speaker. So, you will definitely need a native professional to retype a handwritten Russian text. Our Russian typists are all native speakers. Due to this for excellent quality in Russian typing services, look no further than RLS.

Besides, we provide Russian writing translation. Learn more about Russian translation services.

Audio typing

Generally speaking, audio typist is a professional who can transcribe documents from an audio file. Our  transcribers provide high quality transcription services for very competitive prices.

We can not only type a dictation online but also fulfil an audio to text transcription offline.

Russian to English typing

We also transcribe Russian to English directly. That combines both transcription and translation services. Thus, we type Russian to English translation. Learn more about Russian to English transcription.

English to Russian typing

We also provide direct translation from English to Russian. Firstly, our professional translator will listen to an English audio. Then she will translate it to Russian language.  Finally, she will type a document in Russian. That would require not only excellent typist skills but also experienced translator’s help. Please mind that our professionals are trained in both pair languages. Learn more about English to Russian transcription.

Data entry services

We offer a full range of data typing services online. Have a remote typing agent in your pocket! With our virtual secretary services, you can speed up the process of data entry. Actually, we convert both printed and handwritten documents into digital format.

Typing rate

Importantly, we offer accurate typing services for a very competitive price.

CurrencyOffline / online typingAudio typing
per page*per minute

*One standard page ≤ 250 words

So, to get started with our online typing services, send in your files using our order form online.



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