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According to the automated image translator ‘bro’ stands for Russian ‘братан’ (brother). Machines cannot understand the context!

Looking for a Russian to English translation of a picture or an image? Our expert team of native Russian linguists is here to help! We can easily convert any Russian text written on a picture/image into English!

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Why choose our Russian picture translator

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Russian to English image translator service

Every translation is generated by humans only. Then the professional editor proofreads the final text.

Our translators are university-educated. They are trained in both pair languages – Russian and English.

The best Russian translator is a native Russian speaker. They understand all the nuances of the language and can convey any text from the picture with the utmost accuracy.

We have offered Russian translation and interpretation services since 2014.

We encourage you to check out our client’s reviews about Russian language services on Trustpilot. Indeed, we have lots of satisfied customers, who rated us 4.7/5.

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If the quality of the service does not meet the customer’s requirements, we refund shortly. We discuss all the details before the project starts. Please note that we will deduct transfer fees.

Apart from translating texts embedded within images, our expert team provides the highest quality professional Russian translation services of any content – from voice notes and handwritten messages to sophisticated academic research.

Picture Translation

How to get Russian to English picture translation

1. Firstly, you submit a request for Russian to English translation of an image via our online form. Simply attach the picture or paste the link into the Message box. Please also specify your requirements.

2. Then we carefully study your request and give you a free quote. The rates start from $0.06 per source word. Please find out more about the factors influencing the final translation cost.

3. Once we have discussed all the details, we issue an invoice for a deposit. After a partial payment (50% of the total project price) is made, we start working on your project.

4. The best translator will translate the Russian text on your picture to English. All your formatting, layout and file type requirements will be concerned.

5. The final translation is edited and proofread to ensure that your copy accurately reflects the original content and does not have any mistakes.

6. Finally, we inform you that the translation is complete and send you the screenshot of the translated text on your picture. As soon as we receive the second part of the payment we will send you the translation of the Russian image.

So, if Russian picture translator is needed, look no further than Russian Language Services.

Human picture translator VS translation app

Today, camera use cases are not limited to photography and recording videos anymore. Camera translators or photo translators are a thing now. Translator apps that leverage the power of a camera are becoming increasingly popular, especially with travellers.

Here are 3 ways the Camera Translator Apps can help you translate a text on the picture from Russian into English with your smartphone
#1 Take a picture of Russian fonts and then translate it into English.
#2 You can get immediately any translation just by putting your phone’s camera over a Russian text.
#3 To translate a text on the photo from your gallery, allow it access on the album and choose the image.

Of course, today’s smartphone cameras are capable of translating Russian texts on images so you can understand what they say. They can definitely let you break the language barrier and become your lifesaver when you visit a Russian-speaking country. In a word, Translator apps provide visual translation services, easily translating images of printed text, PDF documents or screenshots. Sometimes they can even work offline.

However, there are a lot of factors which can make a translation app more stressful than helpful.

Picture Translation

Here are the disadvantages of apps for Russian picture translation

Too imprecise. These are some user reviews. ‘Ridiculously wrong, just for a simple translation like numbers’. ‘I took a photo of a few sentences that I knew and all that came up was random English letters’. ‘This app would be good, however, it seems to have a great deal of trouble actually recognizing text in photographs to translate. If this could be stabilized and fixed, it may be more useful’. ‘It gives supposed literal translation for words’. As Russians don’t structure sentences off of the literal translation, so you wind up looking crazy.

Get ready to watch tons of advertisements. ‘This app only runs ads and won’t even translate on the image’. ‘It’s just ads and won’t do anything. I downloaded it mainly to translate images from my gallery, but unnecessary ads just keep popping up and preventing the App from doing its job’.

Not suitable for all devices. For example, Google Lens can automatically translate texts in screenshots without any intermediate step for devices running Android 11 or above.

Almost useless for handwritten Russian texts. Of course, many apps have the option of pointing your camera at any written material. However,  the translation of a Russian cursive in the real world can be really disappointing. Because Russian handwriting is too imprecise even for a good OCR.

A free translation application is free only to some extent. In fact, most free downloads are limited versions with only some daily translations. So, you’ll still have to pay for more.

 It can be resource-consuming. ‘Also used up so much background memory that my phone gave me an alert’.

Their functionality is severely limited offline. Some options are available online only. For instance, Google translate does not work offline for the following modes: OCR (camera), handwriting, and voice. When you walk in the street in a Russian-speaking country, with strange characters you cannot understand, and your translation app cannot do anything to help you. Unless you have wifi with you, so that only that way it can work. Offline, and you are on your own.

Indeed, you can translate Russian text in images instantly simply by pointing your camera. However, no translation app is by no means perfect. So with that in mind, it deserves a place on your phone. But there are so many languages and regional differences, that I suppose you have to resign yourself to the occasional problem. It seems to work best on short phrases, so it’s no replacement for actually learning the language or hiring a human translator.

Picture Translation

So, for Russian to English translation of a picture, look no further than Russian Language Services.

As a side note, our expert translators would be happy to translate Russian audio or video content for you, as well as any typed or handwritten documents. Professional Russian to English and English to Russian translation services are available for the best price. Get your free quote now!


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