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Looking to translate Russian audio to English? Our expert linguists transcribe Russian to English converting any Russian audio or video file into English text. Our professional Russian translator will type Russian to English translation of an audio. So, that includes Russian to English translation service and typing an English document. Also we can produce an accompanying Russian transcript if required.


Our translators are trained in both pair languages

Most importantly, our translators are trained in both pair languages. As a result, you will receive quality Russian to English translation.
In addition to this, our team of professional translators can also provide English to Russian typing. Order English to Russian transcription here.

We can transcribe Russian to English in the following subject areas:

General transcription
Business transcription
Medical transcription
Legal transcription
Academic transcription
Media transcription

All you need and more!

In fact, we can translate any Russian audio to English. Send us your file or link with recorded Russian speech and our professional translator will convert it to English text. So, we can audio type a podcast transcript as well as an interview transcript. Not only dictaphone transcription but also telephone transcription services are available. As for the file formal, we transcribe mp3 as well as other digital formats (mp4, WAW, AIFF, OGG, AAC, FLV, AVI, MOV).

Please submit your request 24/7 via our online form. We handle orders 7am-7pm GMT, so we will get back to you within our working hours. It is very important for us to listen to your recording first, so that we could give you our precise price. So please do attach your file or share the link.

We deal not only with Russian, but also with more than 10 languages. Our highly qualified team also work with major European languages.

Translate Russian Audio to English – Our Rates

Above all, we provide Russian to English transcription for very competitive prices. We offer cheap transcription services. Our audio transcription rates are lower than those of other transcription companies. So, find a better price and get a discount!
As a matter of fact, transcript fees depend on the turnaround times.

Russian to English transcription rates per 1 min of audio (up to 60 mins duration)

Currency7 business days3 business days1 business day

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Why Russian transcription and translation services are in demand?

We live in an era of oral histories. Nowadays around 85% of web communication is audio and video. Solving the problem of turning recorded speech into text could transform how we consume video, radio and podcasts. While we’ve seen rapid improvements on our smartphones, more functional transcription – conversion of recorded speech into text – has been a persistent challenge. Researchers at huge companies are working hard on reducing error rates, testing various systems under stress conditions like background noise, string winds, over-the-phone conversations and regional accents. But still the artificial intelligence is not as good at deciphering the spoken word in any situations as our brains. So human-generated transcription is of great demand where great accuracy is required.

Taking into account that the Russian-speaking audience exceeds 100 million users, Russian transcription services are requested in our increasingly globalized world. Our company works only with human transcribers which are university educated linguists and native Russian speakers. In addition, they are qualified translators, so professional Russian <> English translation services are available!


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