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Russian cursive to text document

Nowadays handwriting recognition is a crucial task which is difficult to complete automatically. Created web applications for OCR (optical character recognition) are suitable for printed materials only. There were attempts to implement OCR for handwritten texts, but they still struggle to recognise handwritten characters and convert Russian handwriting to text resulting in very low recognition rates.


It’s nearly impossible to pre-program an application to recognise all kinds of handwriting, because it’s too imprecise even for good OCR. That’s why all applications for recognition always include a training step. It is when the user “teaches” the application to recognise individual letters. To do that the user needs to understand the handwriting and the language well. After recognition is finished a user is expected to proofread the result and fix some typos. You will find multiple errors after recognising a handwritten text. Additionally, there are mistakes, colloquialisms, shortened words made by the writer.

Thus, if you do not understand Russian well and therefore won’t be able to “train” the automated software and to proofread the text, this tool will be useless. No doubt, you do need help from a native speaker, and you will be better off finding a human translator. So when it comes to converting Russian handwriting to text, our native speaking Russian linguists can provide solutions to this problem. Let our expert linguists properly recognise your Russian cursive and convert it to an editable text document.

Here is how you can convert Russian handwriting to text:

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Step #1 Submit the Russian handwriting you need to get converted to text

Please submit your request 24/7 via our online form. We handle orders 7am-7pm GMT, so we will get back to you within our working hours. It is very important for us to look at the entire document, so as to give you our precise fee. So, please do attach your handwritten document.

You can submit your handwritten text in whatever format you wish. But please ensure that the precision of your copy allows easy readability, in a clear hand. You can scan your text and send us the scanned copy. Or simply take a high resolution picture of your Russian script and submit it in any format.

Step #2 Get your free quote

Given the nuances involved, we cannot give you the exact price prior to looking at your document.
Firstly, handwriting changes not only from person to person, but also from generation to generation. The old Russian language had some differences in lexicology, morphology and syntaxes. Our grandparents not only had a different style of writing, but they also used different letters! The Russian Cyrillic alphabet was significantly changed in 1918.

old russian font

The Old Slavonic language is still used in the Russian Orthodox Сhurch

old russian book to modern russian

Russian text before 1918

Secondly, would you like merely to get your Russian handwriting only converted to text or translated into English as well? If translation is not necessary, we will only do a transcript in Russian.

Thirdly, the handwriting style really matters. One piece of writing reads perfectly. Other Russian script can be difficult to read or even indecipherable. We thus do need to look at the whole document to analyse how a letter can look in various combinations.

Next, what is the deadline?

And finally, how large is your document? Please mind that we offer discounts for large orders.

We normally charge £6 / €7 / $8 per 1 standard page, which is 250 words or less.

A 1000-word document will be converted to text within 1 business day after you make a partial prepayment.

Please let us know the deadline and specify your requirements in comments while submitting the document. We will let you know the turnaround time and the final cost.


Step #3 Make a prepayment for the project

Once we have discussed all the details, we issue an invoice for a deposit (50% of the total price). After a partial payment is made, we start working on your project immediately.

Step #4 Russian handwriting recognition

To start with, Russian handwriting is not an easy thing to decrypt. We all have different handwriting styles. Despite the fact that all modern Russian people are taught to write properly at schools, you can meet like dozens or hundreds of different handwriting. So,  cursive Russian cyrillic can look unrecognisable in written documents.
Here is how to write in Russian cursive

convert russian cursive to text

Cursive Russian cyrillic

Here is the page filled in by a first grader

russian cursive

Russian cursive writing

The sample below may demonstrate the complexity of the task. The text is written by a Russian doctor, a profession infamous for its illegible scrawl.

russian handwriting to text

Russian doctors handwriting

As you can see, deciphering Russian cursive can be tricky. For this reason, we hire only native Russian linguists with university degrees who are experienced in dealing with diverse handwritten Russian texts. You can therefore be sure we will do our best to convert your Russian handwriting to text. As a side note, our experts are also proficient in translating from Russian into English and vice versa, so you can book translation services from us if needed.

Due to the increasing popularity of digitisation and online communication, handwritten Russian texts are mostly a thing of the past.Russian script written with ink may have become blurred over the years.

old russian cursive

Archive handwritten document in Russian (1812)

To distinguish every single letter and word we thus have to see the entire text and consider the context as well.

Moreover, some research work has to be undertaken sometimes to verify such things as geographical or personal names, or even some historical facts.


Step #5 Get your Russian handwriting converted to text

Finally, we inform you that the transcription is complete and send you the screenshot of the digital document. As soon as we receive the second part of the payment we send you the Russian text. Please let us know what file format suits you best. We can copy the text into PDF, Word Doc, TXT or any other file type and deliver your document in digital format to you shortly.

So, if you don’t know how to convert Russian handwriting to text, look no further than booking Russian transcription services from us! Accuracy and quality guaranteed!

Russian text to handwriting

russian cursive letters

Russian alphabet

If you need to turn your Russian text to cursive, look no further than Russian Language Services. We would be happy to help you convert your printed text to handwriting. Above is a sample document. However, we can customise it to meet your requirements.

You may need our help, when existing tools for converting Cyrillic print to handwriting produce a piece of writing which does not look written by a human hand. Our text to cursive transcription services are provided by real people only. Moreover, our transcribers are native Russian speakers who use the language in their everyday lives. With their mandatory university degrees in the Russian language, you can be sure your handwritten text has zero errors.

The price varies depending on the task complexity, but we normally charge £6 / €7 / $8 per 1 standard page, which is 250 words or less. We will convert a 1000-word document to text within 1 business day after you make a partial prepayment. Please let us know the deadline and specify your requirements in comments while submitting the document. We will let you know the turnaround time and the final cost.

what does russian cursive look like

Russian text to handwriting

As a side note, we also translate both printed and handwritten Russian texts to English.


The pieces of Russian handwriting that we work with and services provided:

Handwritten messages
Handwriting recognition
Handwriting extraction
Handwritten letters
Handwritten documents
Text to cursive
Data checking

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