Ukrainian Language Services

Looking for Ukrainian transcription or / and translation services? Our expert team of native Ukrainian linguists is eager to help you! We are a professional company offering human-generated transcription, translation and typing services. Our team consists of 20+ expert transcriptionists, translators, proofreaders, typists and customer support specialists. The company was founded in 2014 in Ukraine by a university-trained linguist. So, for Ukrainian transcription or translation, trust us!


Ukrainian Language

map of the ukrainian people

Map of the Ukrainian Speakers in the World

Doubtless, we live in an era of digital communication with language remaining the main means of it. As of January 2023, about 58.9 per cent of all websites on the internet were predominately written in English. The Russian language came second with a 5.3% share of the web, and finally, Spanish took third place with 4.3%. Interestingly, at the beginning of 2023, Ukrainian took the 18th place among the languages most frequently used for web content. According to different sources, around 45 million people around the world speak Ukrainian language and about 25 million consider it to be their mother tongue.

Therefore, the demand for professional Ukrainian language services such as translation, transcription and localisation has grown accordingly. So, if you are looking for assistance from native Ukrainian linguists, you are on the right page. Our company was founded in 2014 in Ukraine by a professional language teacher. Since then 20+ professional native-speaking linguists have joined out team. Our experts offer a wide range of language services to cover all your linguistic needs.


Learn The Ukrainian Language

ukrainian tutor onlineAfter the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the interest in learning its language has grown significantly. No one can deny the fact that the best way to learn a new language is under the expert guidance of a private native-speaking tutor. 10+ highly qualified Ukrainian teachers joined our team to teach both kids and adults online via video-conferencing. Buy cost-effective, time-saving and efficient lessons by native Ukrainian tutors and study from the comfort of your home or office! The first intro lesson is free of charge and without any obligations!

Ukrainian<>English Translation Services

ukrainian translation servicesSince millions of Ukrainian refugees have moved to English-speaking countries in search of a better life, the urgent need for accurate translation services emerged. Needless to say, modern automatic translation tools still struggle to provide precise and culturally relevant translations. That is especially true for recorded speech or handwritten texts. That’s where professional human translators shine.

So, for error-free and contextual English to Ukrainian or Ukrainian to English translations look no further than our team of expert translators with degrees in English and Ukrainian Linguistics!

Ukrainian Transcription Services

ukrainian transcriptionistWith social media growing so quickly and lots of Ukrainians sharing their oral stories on the internet, Ukrainian speech-to-text services are in great demand nowadays. If manual transcription in Ukrainian is needed, we are here to help! Our native-speaking transcribers can produce a Ukrainian transcript or provide Ukraine-to-English translation of audio recording. Learn more about our Ukrainian transcription service.

Ukrainian Typing Services

The best Ukranian typing services provider is a linguist from Ukraine indeed. Hire a professional native-speaking typist who will quickly produce an editable computer document for you. Whether you need to have your manuscript typewritten, require data enrty services or need someone to type a dictation for you – we are here to assist you! For the highest-quality and affordable Ukrainian typing services reach out to our skilled linguists today.

Learn with Ukrainian Tutors

learn the ukrainian language

We are from Ukraine!

Our company was established in 2014 in Ukraine by a professional native linguist. Since then 20+ experienced Ukrainian tutors have joined our team to help people from all over the world learn Ukrainian language online. You can learn to speak the language fast with our efficient and cost-effective online lessons conducted by expert teachers. Start now!
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Our Ukrainian Tutors

ukrainian course


United Kingdom
Ukrainian Native, Russian Native, English B2
PhD in Linguistics, Teacher’s Qualification
11 years
‘I’m an expert teacher with PhD in Ukrainian linguistics. I’ve been teaching my native language to foreign students studying at the University in Kharkiv, Ukraine for 11 years. Also, I’ve provided online language classes by video-conferencing to English speakers for 7 years. My students consider me to be a friendly teacher and find my explanations clear and easy. So, if you are looking for a private Ukrainian tutor, book a free trial lesson today!’

learn to speak ukrainian


Ukrainian Native, Russian Native, English B2, French C1
MA in Linguistics, Teacher’s Qualification
15 years
‘I graduated from Odesa State University in 2008 with an MA in teaching French. I worked as an in-class language teacher and tour guide for several years. Also, I used to work as an online interpreter, so am experienced in communicating remotely. Since I’m proficient in teaching languages, I started to teach my mother tongue to foreigners 7 years ago. I now offer online tutoring and would be delighted to help you learn Ukrainian online!’



Ukrainian Native, Russian C1, English B2, German B1
MA in Linguistics, Teacher’s Qualification
14 years
‘I’m a Linguist and a Teacher with a Master’s degree. Ukrainian is my mother tongue and I teach it as a foreign language. My teaching experience is 14+ years and I have been teaching both in class and online. It is not only a job for me, it is like a great part of my life, my hobby, and I am sure – my avocation! In my work, I always follow the statement: ‘Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning’!

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learn to speak ukrainian

We Are Proud To Have Many Satisfied Students!



OUR customers

learn to speak ukrainian‘Hello, I am Uwe, I am learning Ukrainian at the Language school because in my region in Germany, there is no possibility of learning it at school. My teacher is Nastya. I really like her lessons – enjoyable and informative. She helps me improve my listening comprehension because I often can express, what I want to say, but it is challenging for me to understand someone speaking fast or using long sentences.’


Dr. Liebe-Harkort, Germany

ukrainian language course online‘I’ve been taking Ukrainian classes online with Anastasiia for a year or so to improve my language skills. I speak it fairly well because my parents were from Ukraine, but I struggle with reading and writing. The lessons were very well prepared and interesting. Anastasiia helped me greatly. Now I’m sure I won’t forget the language of my ancestors and will pass it on to my kids. Highly recommended!’


Andrei Demyanchuk, UK

ukrainian classes‘I took classes for 6 months. Since my native language is Slovakian and my Russian is intermediate, learning Ukrainian online was quite easy under Oksana’s professional guidance (she is a teacher of Ukrainian with an MA). I found her very friendly and patient. The lessons were well-structured and fun.’


Lucia Hadvinova, Slovakia

learn to speak ukrainianOriginal: ‘Настя замечательный преподаватель! Все прошло хорошо’
Translation: ‘Nastya is a wonderful teacher! Everything went well.’


Polina Schlicht, Germany

Prices for Online Lessons with Our Ukrainian Tutors

We offer very affordable prices for private classes and bulk discounts. We hire only native Ukrainian tutors. Find better rates for online classes by university-trained teachers and get a discount! Standard lessons last a full 60 mins. Moreover, the more classes you book the lower the price per hour.

Please note that the price includes:

personalised study programme

all the necessary training materials in digital format (handouts, homework worksheets, audio and video files etc.)

tailor-made live lessons with a professional teacher

homework checking

regular assessments

1 hour (60 mins)


Price per hour £25

Save £0

5 hours


Price per hour £22

Save £15

10 hours


Price per hour £20

Save £50

15 hours


Price per hour £18

Save £105

25 hours


Price per hour £16

Save £225

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When you pay at checkout, please type your tutor’s name in the Comments box / Reference.
❤ Use up the lessons as and when you want – no expiry date!

➤ Reschedule when necessary.

Suspend classes for up to 25 weeks!

So, learn Ukrainian language online with us!


1) The first 30-minute lesson is free of charge for you to test the waters and see if you and your tutor are a good match.

2) Book a block of 50 classes for the best price – 50hrs x £15 = £750 which should be paid in one go.

3) Installment payments are available! If you would like to book 25 hours, you can purchase them in 2 instalments. You pay for 10 lessons (£200) + 15 lessons (£200). Kindly type ‘1st instalment’ or ‘2nd instalment’ in the Comments Box / Reference while making the payment. You thus can book 25 hours for the minimal price of £16 per hour in 2 instalments.

4) Get a discount (up to 25%) for small group lessons, i.e. 2 students simultaneously. Enjoy your shared language lessons together with your family or friends and save your money too!

5) Black Friday! 5% Off on Any Block of Classes!

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Learn the Language Fast with Native Ukrainian Tutors: Is Online Course the Easiest Way to Study?

online ukrainian lessonsOf course, the best way to learn a language is by taking private lessons with a professional native teacher.

Benefits of Online Classes with Our Ukrainian Tutors

✔ High-quality tuition by video conferencing with University-trained native teachers.

✔ Flexible schedules. You can study from anywhere and anytime without missing out on any lessons.

✔ One-on-one interaction with the tutor. You not only contact the tutor during scheduled lessons. You can also ask questions and practice ‘real language’ while chatting.

✔ Individual approach.  Our lessons are based on a learner’s needs and abilities. Thus, the teacher creates a low-stress learning environment.

✔ Large variety of learning materials. The instructor can work with and assign material from any source, from certified texts to contemporary multimedia.

✔ Affordable prices. Our rates for 60-minute lessons vary depending on the number of hours purchased but the prices start at only £15ph.

As you can see, learning Ukrainian language online with our skilled tutor provides an advantage over traditional learning in many ways.

Here is How to Book Online Ukrainian Lessons:

Book a free 30-minute trial lesson

Have your trial at any time and place

Book a package of lessons

Continue your lessons with your tutor

Choose another teacher at any time

Students of our online Ukrainian language courses can choose the time, duration and frequency of lessons which are suitable for them. They can choose the level and objectives that suit them: lessons for beginners, intermediate-level learners, conversational classes, business language tutorials etc.

study ukrainian languageOnline classes by video calls are very similar to private lessons. The teacher introduces material, gives explanations and sets assignments.

The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. During the online sessions, the main focus is on conversational language, of course.

The ‘screen sharing’ function on Skype, for example, allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials.

Our Ukrainian tutors also use a chat like a whiteboard to facilitate writing, spelling, and grammatical points. It is also used to set and mark assignments. During online lessons, the chat is used as a ‘prompter’, which allows the teacher to correct mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

By using technology to the full, our teachers offer online lessons that can be even more effective than in-class ones. In short, they allow the student to practice all skills — understanding and production — but much more conveniently!

Use the opportunity to learn the language online with experienced online Ukrainian teachers and native speakers!

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Choose a Ukrainian Language Course Online which Suits Your Level and Goals

Ukrainian for Beginners

Start learning from scratch under the expert guidance of an experienced teacher and you will learn the basic Ukrainian language fast and easily. To be able to speak any language in simple everyday situations you will definitely start by learning the alphabet. Because you have to learn to read to understand printed or written messages. Then you will learn basic Ukrainian vocabulary and grammar to join words into simple sentences. Of course, you will develop your listening comprehension skills to understand speech and easily converse with natives. So, if you have zero knowledge learn Ukrainian for beginners.

Learn Conversational Ukrainian

This course is suitable for those having basic and intermediate levels of knowledge. If you are already aware of basic grammar and have already built up your vocabulary, you can book an online Ukrainian course to develop your conversational skills. Communicating with a qualified native teacher who will professionally guide you will help you improve your language production and understanding. Learn to speak Ukraine language with an expert’s help!

Ukrainian Language Practice

This course will be mostly useful for advanced learners. Polish up your skills through our enriching and exciting Ukrainian Language Practice Course. Our tailor-made lessons and resource materials will help you hone both oral and written comprehension and production. Embark on your travel right now and unveil the beauty of Ukrainians’ language and culture!

Learning Ukrainian Worldwide

After the outbreak of a full-scale war, Ukrainian language learning became quite popular worldwide. Foreigners actively study it. One of the most popular language-learning services, Duolingo, has published data for 2022. The Ukrainian language is trending. So, after February 24, more than 1.3 million people around the world began to learn it. In total, the aforementioned service is used by 500 million people.

The Ukrainian language has become popular in such countries as Argentina, Japan, Vietnam and India. Many people study it simply because they want to express support and solidarity.

Another category is the states that now have a lot of refugees from Ukraine.

The countries and the increase in the percentage of those learning Ukrainian online are as follows:

Ireland – 2229%;
Germany – 1651%;
Poland – 1615%;
Netherlands – 1590%;
Czech Republic – 1513%.

According to Duolingo, the number of people willing to learn Ukrainian in Germany and Poland has increased by more than 16 times compared to last year. In the UK, it ranked 17th among the most popular languages, jumping 20 positions in a year. So, it’s time to start learning now!

Have a private Ukrainian tutor by your side wherever you are in the world!

Ukrainian Transcription Services

ukrainian transcription services

Manual transcription in Ukrainian

Looking for Ukrainian transcription services? Our expert team of native Ukrainian transcribers is eager to help you! The company was founded in 2014 in Ukraine by a university-trained linguist. Since then we’ve been offering professional transcription and translation services. Our university-trained linguists know that accuracy and deadlines are key. Book manual transcription in Ukrainian from expert native transcribers. Ukrainian typing services are also available at the best price – $5 per page!


Why Us?


Our team consists of 20+ expert transcriptionists, translators, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. Indeed, they are experts at what they do. So, for Ukrainian transcription, trust us!

What we transcribe

transcribe ukrainianAs you may know, transcription in linguistics is the conversion of human speech into written, typewritten or printed form. But it can also mean making digital versions of scanned texts, handwritten messages or texts on images. In a word, it’s about producing a digital text file from any message – recorded, handwritten or printed.

Actually, we will deal with any type of content. No matter you need to transcribe short audio messages or complicated interviews with multiple speakers, we can help. From handwritten notes to text on images – we’ve got you covered!

We transcribe Ukrainian

Audio files

Video files

Whatsapp voice messages

Youtube videos

Vimeo videos

Oral stories

Chat messages


Cursive to text

Text to cursive

Photo to text

Instagram stories and reels

In a word, we can convert any recorded speech, handwritten or printed documents in Ukrainian to a text file. All you need and more!


We accept all kinds of audio and video file formats for Ukrainian Transcription Services.
Video Formats – avi, mpg, mp4, dat, wmv, 3gp, amv, divx, dpg, mov, qt, rm, swf, flv and more.
Audio Formats – mp3, wma, wav, ra, ram, rm, mid, gg, m4a, msv, aiff/aif, caf, amr, dvf and more.
Picture formats – avif, webp, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff and more!

Why book Ukrainian transcription services from us?

ukrainian transcriber
Just like the translations, our Ukrainian transcriptions are 100% done by real humans passionate about what they do. To provide the best transcription services with very high accuracy and zero errors we rely on people, not machines. Our Ukrainian transcribers generate exceptionally accurate transcripts!

We hire only expert Ukrainian linguists with University degrees to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our team of highly skilled project managers provide excellent customer service.

When it comes to transcription, it is important to choose a linguist for whom the language is their mother tongue. For this reason, we hire only native Ukrainian transcribers, with Ukrainian as their first or second native language. It is important to be a native speaker when transcribing: languages have many intricacies understandable only to native people. Trust your project to experts who have native-level proficiency!

We’ve provided comprehensive Ukrainian transcription and translation services since 2014.

We ensure you a high-quality Ukrainian transcription for a very good price. Our rates are the lowest in the industry and start from only $0.95 per minute of your recording. Find a better price offer for Ukrainian transcription services by a native university-trained linguist and get a discount!

We care about what we do and we will only present work that we are 100% happy with. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure the best results. Our company is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot 4.7/5.

Ukrainian Transcription Services come with a free trial offer. We will transcribe 3 minutes of your recording for free.

Order Ukrainian Transcription Service 24 Hour / 7 Day Coverage via our online form.
We’ve helped our clients from all over the world. Geography is no limit.

Our highly skilled transcriptionists and translators are eager to help. For the best transcripts in Ukrainian, trust us.


Prices for Ukrainian Transcription / Translation Services

The quality of our work is never compromised, despite our affordable pricing. We can provide quotations in GB pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

RATES per source audio / video minute (1-2 speakers) depend on the type of transcription services you need.

Ukrainian Audio to Ukrainian Text

manual transcription in ukrainian ukrainian transcription service

With our same language Ukrainian transcription service, our Ukrainian staff will work from either audio or video files and will transcribe the Ukrainian speech in Ukrainian. We would normally charge £0.75/ €0.85/ $0.95 per minute of your recording.

Ukrainian Audio to Text in Target Language

manual transcription in ukrainian  

Also, we can provide a direct translation from any Ukrainian audio or video file into one of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian. Unless required, no accompanying Ukrainian transcript is produced. Our rates would be £5.95/ €6.95/ $7.95 per minute. We also provide document translation services – Ukrainian to English and English to Ukrainian.

transcribe ukrainian into english

Ukrainian Audio to Ukrainian Text Plus Translation

ukrainian transcription +

With the double-column option you’ll receive a document with both languages side-by-side. Accordingly, our prices would look like this: £6.45/ €7.45/ $8.45 per minute.

We should note, that these rates can slightly vary depending on the number of speakers, frequency of timestamping, and audio quality. It means that a very quiet voice, background noise, wind, music etc. can influence the recognition rate. Of course, poor audio quality and complicated subject matter won’t impede our experienced transcriptionists. However, the clarity of the source media file will influence the speed and quality of output. So, if you’re starting from scratch, please obtain the best quality recording possible.

We do not charge extra for the following:

  • Speaker identification
  • Accents
  • Difficult terminology

We aim to give good value for money. We are eager to provide the best possible service – accurate transcriptions, within budget and on time.

Here is how to book manual transcription in Ukrainian

1. Upload files
2. Get a free quote
3. Make a partial payment online
4. Get the screenshot of our work
5. Pay the rest
6. Get your document by email

1. Submit your file

Firstly, you submit a request for a Ukrainian transcription project.


Upload your files via our online form or send us a link. Then specify your requirements in Comments. We do know every client has unique needs. To accommodate your needs to the best of our ability, please mention the following details:

#1 Pair language
We can translate your recording to/from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Our professional transcribers and translators are university-trained and highly skilled in both pair languages. Please let us know if you also need an accompanying transcript in the source language for interpretive transcription.

#2 Time stamps
We use 5-minute timestamping as a standard. However, we are happy to get adjusted to your requirements. No matter whether you need to have the time stamps every minute, every sentence or every change of speaker.

#3 Deadline
We guarantee the best turnaround time in the industry. You’ll get your same language transcript of a 15-minute Ukrainian recording within 3 hours after the payment is made. Please mind that we handle orders 7 am – 7 pm UTC. Our project manager will therefore contact you ASAP within our working hours.

#4 Transcript file format
Would you like to have your text in either MS Word, or PDF, TXT or any other format? Please specify.

#5 Speaker labels
Please let us know if you would like them included.

#6 Text format
Our transcriptionists can produce full verbatim transcripts where all words and sounds are recorded. If however, this is unnecessary, we provide clear (intelligent) verbatim transcripts. In this case, any unnecessary filler words, utterances, or false starts are excluded.

#7 Script
We can deliver your transcript in Ukrainian in either the traditional Cyrillic script or transliterated Latin characters.


2. Get a quote

When we receive your submission, we will carefully study it. Once we have discussed all the details, we will get back to you with a transcription price quote.

3. Make a prepayment

We issue an invoice for a deposit equal to 50% of the total project price. After a partial payment is made, we start working on your project. The best native Ukrainian transcriber and translator accurately turns your Ukrainian audio or video into a transcript in the target language. In fact, all our linguists have University degrees in target languages. Then the final text is edited and proofread to ensure that your copy accurately reflects the original audio content and does not have any mistakes. In addition, we will assign your transcription to a project manager who keeps you informed throughout the project. It should be noted, that our Ukrainian transcription services come with 100% data confidentiality.

4. Get a screenshot

Finally, we inform you that the transcription / translation is complete and send you the screenshot of the document.

Steps 5 and 6.

As soon as we receive the second part of the payment we send you the document via email.

Finally, we would like to ask you to review us on Trustpilot. Or please kindly send us a short feedback at least.

Speech-to-text software vs human transcriber

Obviously, modern speech recognition software can be quick and convenient. However, it’s absolutely not accurate and can leave massive errors in your text.

Thus, if you value accuracy, don’t entrust your Ukrainian transcript to a machine. Our company hires only talented human transcriptionists – qualified linguists – whose native language is Ukrainian. We guarantee the highest quality and on-time delivery, and all at very competitive rates. So, save time and money by transcribing your Ukrainian recording to text. Create your transcripts easily and accurately with our Ukrainian transcription services. Ready to get started on your Ukrainian transcript? Submit your request online today! We will do our best to transcribe Ukrainian media files for you and deliver the best quality transcript to you in time!


Hire English To Ukrainian Translators

hire english to ukrainian translators

Olena Voronina, English-Ukrainian Translator

Looking to hire English to Ukrainian translators? You are in the right place! I’m Olena, a native Ukrainian translator with 20+ years of experience. I got my MA Hons in English Studies in 2003 and have been providing translation services since then. To help me cope with my work my husband started hiring language professionals and founded our translation agency in 2014. So, our Ukraine-based company has a decade of translation and localization experience. We work only with native Ukrainian linguists with University degrees in English. So, we are capable of providing budget-friendly translation services in both directions.


Meet Our Ukrainian Translators

german teacher


ukrainian to english translator


english to ukrainian translator for hire


Native: Ukrainian, Russian
Degree: English, German
Experience: 21 years
Native: Ukrainian, Russian
Degree: English, German
Experience: 17 years
Native: Ukrainian, Russian
Degree: English, Armenian
Experience: 8 years

Why Hire English to Ukrainian Translators From Our Company?



Our Rates for Professional Ukrainian Translation Services

Please consider our normal rates for translating general content from English to Ukrainian (high-quality source file).

per wordper minute

english ukrainian translation

What Influences The Estimate

Language Pair: The rarer the language is, the higher the translation fee.

Subject Area: The translator’s expertise in a specific niche area will add to the final cost.

Order Size: Translation rate comes out lower, if you place a lenthy order. Save up to 10%!

Source File Quality: If the voice is hardly heard or the handwriting is almost illegible, we’ll have to charge you for the time and effort needed for deciphering.

Turnaround Time: If your order is not too urgent, we can charge you less.

Timestamping: We normally use a 5-minute stamping for recordings. Customization can slightly add to the final cost.

Source Text Recognition: Producing a transcript of audio or handwriting in the source language will increase the total cost.

File Format: If you need to have your translation done in a specific app which requires a paid subscription, we will have to add to the cost to cover our expenses.

Special requirements: We’re happy to accommodate your unique requirements.

Types Of Content Our Ukrainian Translation Services Cover

Our team will deal with any type of text – from short private messages to complicated academic research. Besides, audio and video translation services are available!

Printed document Screenshot, text on image Handwriting
Audio file Video file Youtube video
Vimeo video Oral story Audio message in chat
Dictaphone note, interview Phone conversation Podcast
Video instruction, lesson, tutorial Social media videoAD Commercial, advertisement, promotional video
Presentation Video guide Film, cartoon, documentary

Samples of Translations

english to ukrainian book translation services

‘Twas Night Before Christmas’ Poem Translation

english to ukrainian website translation services

Image Transformation Therapy Website Translation

Our highly skilled translators are eager to help. For the best Ukrainian translation services, hire English to Ukrainian translators from our team. Get started today!

We Are Happy To Have Lots Of Contented Clients!



OUR customers

professional ukrainian translation‘Timely communications. Good translation service. Reasonable pricing.’


Debra Sarver, US

professional ukrainian translation services‘Very impressed with the efficiency and speed of their work.’


Birgit Myrie, GB

client review‘Speedy response, it was only a small job but the turnaround was almost instant and really good value. Recommended.’


Natascha, US

translate poem to ukrainian‘We asked them to review a rough Ukrainian translation of an American Christmas poem… and they stepped up to the challenge enthusiastically! They were timely, affordable, and FUN!’


Sally Veillette, US

How We Ensure Translation Quality

Needless to say, for translations it is important to choose a professional for whom the target language is their mother tongue. It is important to be a native speaker when translating. Because languages have many intricacies understandable only to native people. For this reason, we hire only native-speaking translators, with Ukrainian as their first or second native language. Ensure authenticity by entrusting your project to native speakers with linguistic expertise.

professional ukrainian to english translatorTo provide the best Ukrainian translation services with high accuracy and zero errors we rely on people, not machines. Our staff consists of professional linguists with University degrees ensuring quality and efficiency. They are experts at what they do. Indeed, our Ukrainian translators know that precision and deadlines are key.

A skilled professional will translate documents from English to Ukrainian or vice versa for you or will work with your media file. Our expert will ensure that the translation conveys the intended emotions and tone.

We care about what we do, and we will only present work that we are 100% happy with. For this reason, our skilled editors review the quality of every translation to ensure the best results.
reviews about russian language services
We always ask our clients to give us feedback. Hopefully, you’ll join our happy customers who awarded us 5 stars on Trustpilot 4.7/5. In any case, please let us know what you think. Please refer to our Customer Reviews page to learn more about the quality of the language services we offer.


Why Professional Ukrainian Translation Services Are In Demand Nowadays

The need for accurate and quality translating services has arisen with the growing numbers of Ukrainian refugees. Moreover, people all over the globe are expressing their interest in what is happening in Ukraine and beyond its borders.  It is because the war which began in this country in 2022 is influencing the global economy and politics. In times of the full-scale war in Ukraine, professional Ukrainian translation serves the following purposes.

Translation helps break the language barrier, facilitating communication between Ukrainians and people who speak another language. Translating content to Ukrainian you customise it for the benefit of those using this language. Importantly, it shows respect for their culture.

Ensure user-friendly products by providing translated manuals and instructions to Ukrainian customers. Translate product descriptions and content to attract them to your e-commerce platform.

Reach Ukrainian tourists with translated travel guides, brochures, and destination information. That is especially necessary now when millions of refugees from Ukraine travel all over the world seeking a better life.

Translate social media posts to connect with the audience in Ukraine and deliver the intended content in its people’s native language.

So, for professional Ukrainian translation of either a media file or a document look no further than our expert team of translators! We can help you translate your content quickly and accurately.


Wide Range Of Ukrainian Linguistic Services

Translation: Mere conversion of text or content from one language to another.
Localisation: Adaptation of translated content to meet the cultural, linguistic, and regional preferences of a specific target audience.
Transcription: Converting spoken words from audio or video recordings or handwritten documents into printed text.
Proofreading: Checking a text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors to ensure it is free of mistakes.
Editing: Revising and refining a document to improve its clarity and overall quality.
Bilingual editing: Reviewing and improving translated text in the target language to ensure it accurately reflects the original intent in the source language.
Interpreting: Oral translation of spoken words from one language to another in real-time by video calls.


Language Pairs We Are Proficient In

We hire only native Ukrainian translators with fluent English and University degree in one of the following European languages:

english ENGLISHgerman GERMANfrench FRENCH
spanish SPANISHitalian ITALIANportuguese PORTUGUESE
norwegian NORWEGIANpolish POLISHrussian RUSSIAN


What Kind of English to Ukrainian Translator You Can Hire:

translate ukrainian to english picture

  • Highly talented professional – motivated, hardworking and very detail-oriented.
  • A university-trained linguist with a comprehensive career who has been translating tons of texts from English to Ukrainian and vice-versa for numerous years.
  • An author whose work reflects the respect for the reader.
  • Translator proficient in many software applications who put their research and computer skills to good use.
  • An avid reader and a lover of the written word.
  • Professional who is constantly honing their professional skills, work ethic and appreciation for multiculturalism.
  • Someone with the attention to detail and the quality of the exposition (both from the side of format and style).
  • Client-oriented service provider passionate about customer satisfaction.

Our expert team do our best to provide the most reliable and accurate Ukrainian translations to our clients throughout the world. We take great pride in our ability to always maintain a high degree of professionalism in our relationships with clients, especially valuing excellent communication and meticulous work.


How To Book Ukrainian Translator Services:

#1 24-hour / 7-day coverage

Please send us your document by uploading it via our contact form. Alternatively, you can simply email us at okallcorrectcouk@gmail.com and attach your file or share a link. Please describe your requirements.

#2  Personalised solution

We will carefully study your request and email you back with our quotation ASAP. The rate depends on the above-listed factors, but mostly on text complexity, turnaround time and document length. In any case, we make sure that your translation is cost-effective.

#3 Excellent communication

Since we have agreed on all the details and the final price, you will be matched with a skilled project manager. She’ll be in touch with you regarding any questions you might have while translation is in progress. Emails are replied to within 60 minutes during our working hours)

#4 Partial payment

Next, we will kindly ask you to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the total cost. We offer secure payment options in major world currencies.

#5 Professional Translation

As soon as the funds reach our end, our fully-qualified Ukrainian translators holding University degrees in your target language start working on your project.

#6 Manual bilingual editing

The final copy will be carefully proofread and we will send you a screenshot of it.

#7 Prompt and timely delivery within your deadline

As soon as you pay the balance, we will email you the document in your target language.

#8 Enjoy our second-to-none quality translation

We do hope we’ll get you satisfied with our meticulous work so would really appreciate your review on Trustpilot or any feedback at least 🙂

By entrusting your project to us you will ensure the utmost accuracy and quick turnaround time. To start today, please click on the button below.


How To Book Ukrainian Interpreter Services:

#1 Please submit your request for interpreter services via our contact form. Describe your requirements such as time, date, duration of a video call and anything else you think is relevant.

#2  Our team evaluate your submission and get back to you with our estimate ASAP. Generally, we charge $25 – 50 per hour of conseсutive interpretation. The rate depends on the number of speakers, the translation direction, the topic and the call duration. The longer the conference is, the greater the discount you can get!

#3 Since we have agreed on all the details and the final price, we issue our invoice.

ukrainian interpreter#4 As soon as the funds are received, we pass you our interpreter’s contact details to arrange the video conference.

#5 Have your video call with our interpreter on the time and date agreed.

#6 If the session ends but you need to prolong it, you can check the interpreter’s availability directly. In case she is available, you can pay for another hour and proceed with the same interpreter. Otherwise, we will find another interpreter available ASAP.

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Translate Ukrainian to English picture

Looking for someone to help you translate Ukrainian to English from a photo? You are on the right page! We deal with any image with printed or handwritten text. Hire our English-Ukrainian translators to render it into English. Just send us the picture and get the translation within the shortest possible time.

ukrainian translators

We are based in Ukraine

Of course, you may use apps which allow you to translate pictures by camera. The translated text will be rendered right on the original text in the photo. You may currently use apps to provide such translations. But be warned: the word-per-word translation is somewhat eccentric. Also, they may give you different translations of the same word every time.

Equally, they may force you to sit through an ad every time you want to translate something, and another if you want to keep the words in a paragraph. Free versions also only allow you to translate a few photos a day. They won’t work for larger tasks.

ukrainian translation to english

Ukrainian cursive

Importantly, apps for translating pictures by camera are useless for Ukrainian handwritten text:  human handwriting is too imprecise to be converted by any OCR (optical character recognition) tool, thus making the translation process impossible.

For reliable, fast and accurate translation services, hire English to Ukrainian translators from our company. We’ll do our best to leave you satisfied with our job!

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