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map of the ukrainian people

Map of the Ukrainian Speakers in the World

Doubtless, we live in an era of digital communication with language remaining the main means of it. As of January 2023, about 58.9 per cent of all websites on the internet were predominately written in English. The Russian language came second with a 5.3% share of the web, and finally, Spanish took third place with 4.3%. Interestingly, at the beginning of 2023, Ukrainian took the 18th place among the languages most frequently used for web content. According to different sources, around 45 million people around the world speak Ukrainian language and about 25 million consider it to be their mother tongue.

Therefore, the demand for professional Ukrainian language services such as translation, transcription and localisation has grown accordingly. So, if you are looking for assistance from native Ukrainian linguists, you are on the right page. Our company was founded in 2014 in Ukraine by a professional language teacher. Since then 20+ professional native-speaking linguists have joined out team. Our experts offer a wide range of language services to cover all your linguistic needs.


Learn The Ukrainian Language

ukrainian tutor onlineAfter the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the interest in learning its language has grown significantly. No one can deny the fact that the best way to learn a new language is under the expert guidance of a private native-speaking tutor. 10+ highly qualified Ukrainian teachers joined our team to teach both kids and adults online via video-conferencing. Buy cost-effective, time-saving and efficient lessons by native Ukrainian tutors and study from the comfort of your home or office! The first intro lesson is free of charge and without any obligations!

Ukrainian<>English Translation Services

ukrainian translation servicesSince millions of Ukrainian refugees have moved to English-speaking countries in search of a better life, the urgent need for accurate translation services emerged. Needless to say, modern automatic translation tools still struggle to provide precise and culturally relevant translations. That is especially true for recorded speech or handwritten texts. That’s where professional human translators shine.

So, for error-free and contextual English to Ukrainian or Ukrainian to English translations look no further than our team of expert translators with degrees in English and Ukrainian Linguistics!

Ukrainian Transcription Services

ukrainian transcriptionistWith social media growing so quickly and lots of Ukrainians sharing their oral stories on the internet, Ukrainian speech-to-text services are in great demand nowadays. If manual transcription in Ukrainian is needed, we are here to help! Our native-speaking transcribers can produce a Ukrainian transcript or provide Ukraine-to-English translation of audio recording. Learn more about our Ukrainian transcription service.

Ukrainian Typing Services

The best Ukranian typing services provider is a linguist from Ukraine indeed. Hire a professional native-speaking typist who will quickly produce an editable computer document for you. Whether you need to have your manuscript typewritten, require data enrty services or need someone to type a dictation for you – we are here to assist you! For the highest-quality and affordable Ukrainian typing services reach out to our skilled linguists today.


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