Russian Translation Companies: What Makes Us Stand Out

Looking for top-notch Russian translation companies? We are one of them but are proud to stand out among competitors. Wondering why? Just consider 7 main reasons.

What Distinguishes Us From Other Russian Translation Companies

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#1 We specialize in Russian language services: translation, localization, transcription

Unlike other translation companies, our expert team focuses ONLY on the Russian language. Because we are highly proficient in it and aim to deliver accurate and reliable language solutions. This means that we do not deal with hundreds of language pairs as other agencies do. Russian will be either a source or a target language if you book service from our translation company.

#2 Only Native Speakers Of Russian In Our Staff

Needless to say, the best Russian translation services provider is a professional whose mother tongue is Russian. Our team is comprised ONLY of native Russian speakers. This ensures that the translated content conveys the original meaning. What is even more important is that it is culturally adapted to the target audience. It means that our translators go beyond word-for-word translation. They carefully consider the context, nuances, and cultural references to provide an accurate and natural translation. The texts sounding authentically will resonate with your Russian-speaking readers/listeners.

#3 Only Translators With Proficiency In English

All our translators have University degrees in English Language Studies and Linguistics. They are not just fluent in English, they operate this language on a professional level. It means that you can be sure of the content quality. We ensure that the translated text is coherent and reads naturally in English.

#4 A Decade Of Industry Experience

Our Russian translation company was founded in 2014 by a professional linguist. We hire only translators who have a diverse range of expertise. That helps us ensure that your content is handled by professionals who understand the terminology and industry-specific language. Moreover, our team is comprised of translators with 10+ years experience.

#5 True Customer Reviews

Dedication to customer satisfaction really sets us apart. Unlike other Russian translation companies, we never post fake client feedback on our website and entrust the review collection to an independent platform. In this way, we collect ONLY real client reviews. To ensure their genuineness, we connected to a trusted review community – Trustpilot. Our grateful customers rated us 4.8/5. Amazingly, 97% of our clients consider our services to be excellent! Seamless communication, quick turnaround time and high-quality results are our company’s priorities. Just give it a try and become one of our clients who are happy with the Russian language services provided!

russian cursive transltor client

‘I asked them to translate a picture the title page from the census book and the handwritten Russian text from a logbook recording the births which gave me some information about my grandfather. The cost was very reasonable and the information is very useful!’


Frederick Sontag, US, about handwritten Russian birth recording translation (2023)

russian translation services customer

‘I introduced Yelena who was making the arrangements and doing the
translation work on the project devoted to the descendants of the Russian aristocracy. She is an excellent translator.’


Justin Barton, UK, about Russian translation services (2017)

russian translation agency client

‘You have done an excellent job and I will not hesitate to use your services in the future!’


Pascal Gachowski, UK, about Russian website localization (2016)

russian agency client

‘Extremely quick turnaround and accurate translation. Excellent communication.’


Dani Freidus, ZA, about handwritten marriage record in the Old Russian Language translation (2024)

# 6 Diverse Content

Our English-Russian translators possess the linguistic expertise to accurately convey any type of message from one language to another. We translate typewritten texts, oral messages, and Russian cursive – in a word, ANY content:

Book translation – from academic research to lyrics

Website localization – from online business cards to e-commerce website content

Personal documents – from private correspondence to handwritten birth/marriage records in the Church Slavonic Language

Business documents – from emails to contracts

Text on images – both printed and written in hand

Handwritten documents – from family letters to documents from historical archives

Audio – from chat voice messages to sophisticated lectures

Video – from Tiktok videos to documentaries

#7 Lowest Translation Rates. Really!

We have thoroughly examined the prices other Russian translation companies offer. So, we are proud to state the fact that ours are definitely the best ones on the US market! We charge as low as $.06 per word. Suppose you by chance manage to find a better price offer for professional translation services by a university-trained native Russian linguist. In that case, we will be happy to give you a discount!

Here are our minimal Russian <> English translation rates for easy readable/audible content.

CurrencyTRANSLATE DOCUMENT (per source word)TRANSCRIBE AUDIO (per minute)TRANSLATE HANDWRITING (per source word)


Working with us means working with a reliable Russian translation agency that is committed to delivering exceptional results. Our attention to detail, linguistic proficiency, and strong client focus definitely make us stand out. Whether you need translation services for business or personal purposes, we’ve got you covered. Entrust your Russian language project to our highly qualified and experienced linguists!

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