Why to Learn Russian? – 12 Reasons Why Real Language Learners Do That

by Elena Voronina,
Online Russian Tutor
MA Hons in Language Teaching,
MA Hons in Psychology

Wondering why to learn Russian ? As we have been providing online Russian tutoring since 2014, we do know the reasons why our clients learn the language. Over the years we have gathered genuine requests of our past and current students. Real stories by real people – what could be more convincing? Here are the main reasons for learning russian.

#1 Learn the language to communicate with a Russian partner and his / her family

I am looking to propose to my Russian girlfriend and I would like to be able to ask the big question in Russian 🙂 I know she would like this and it would go down well with her parents.

why to learn russian
My partner is from Russia

I am French, living in Notting Hill interested in taking Russian classes as a surprise to my boyfriend who is from there.

I’m engaged to a Russian girl from Saint Petersburg, and really need to up my game on Russian language next year!

I am English with no Russian. My partner is Russian but does not want to teach me. I would like to be able to speak conversational Russian in a year.

My Mr is Russian

If your partner is Russian, you may spend time in a Russian-speaking country. Or her / his relatives can visit you. Indeed, you will need to communicate with your in-laws and your partner’s friends.  In fact, not too many Russians can speak fluent English, so your Russian language skills will be more than beneficial. No matter what your current level is, to gain greater competence is always an achievable goal. As a result, you will be able to maintain a gratifying relationship.

#2 Russian-speaking friends

I want to learn Russian language for my personal interest. I have a couple of Russian friends and would be better if I could talk to them in Russian once I learn this language.

Russian friend 🙂

I have a Russian friend and thought it would be nice to at least learn some basics. I’m quite keen to focus on conversation – not learning the alphabet etc.

With social media developing so quickly, you can make friends with anyone in the world. Taking into account that the Russian-speaking audience exceeds 100 million users, it’s easy to reach out to the Russian nowadays. So your language skills could be very helpful!

#3 Family members of Russian origin

I would like to learn Russian from the bottom to the top. I have a huge family in Russia and I am finding it frustrating to not be able to communicate with them naturally.

My wife is Russian and my children are fluent so I’d like to improve my Russian. I need help with pronunciation. Would like daily Skype sessions.

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I am interested in learning Russian. I was born in Russia and moved to London when I was 5. In fact, I understand everything but I’m not good at speaking and writing and reading. So I think it’s time I learn.

why to learn russian
Russian family member

I am looking to improve my Russian skills. My mother is Russian so I have a good level of understanding. But I would like to improve my speaking and reading skills so I can become more confident.

I am a native Russian speaker trying to introduce my English-speaking children to Russian. They will be starting from zero knowledge so the goal is to get them interested in this.

I have an interest in improving my Russian. I learned from my great-grandmother when I was young, she was Russian. But I did not practice for a long time.

No comments 🙂

#4 Travelling to Russian-speaking countries

I am currently going on an adventure to discover Eastern Europe and Russia. And the first country I will be visiting is Moscow, Russia. I would like to learn some of the language and culture before I visit the city.

Welcome to Russia!

I studied Russian at university but I have forgotten most of it. I’m going on a trip to Kazakhstan soon and would like to brush up my skills a bit.

My intention is to pick up some language for a holiday in 4 months.

I am a Polish student studying in London. My friends and I are planning to take part in a trip called Mongol Rally next year, which is essentially a 72-day charity road trip from London to Mongolia. As Polish is the closest language to Russian from all of our nationalities, we agreed that I will learn the alphabet and basic conversation to make sure we stay safe on the trip.

why to learn russian
Stay safe on your trip to Russia

Of course, you may be very interested to learn Russian if you love to travel to Russia. Or if you are hoping to visit a Russian-speaking country for the first time and would like to learn some Russian prior to going. Do you remember that you can hardly come across a few local people with sufficient levels of English? So, to become reasonably proficient in Russian for travel mainly is a great learning goal indeed.

#5 Russian for job or business

I speak, write and read Russian. I am in the process of applying for jobs where Russian is involved. So ideally I would like someone to help me with preparation, practice, conversation. I am happy with online / Skype lessons.

I would like to have some lessons in Russian in order to practice and improve my level and learn business Russian in order to communicate better with Russian clients.

Reach out to your Russian-speaking partners and clients

I’m looking into some intense help within the next 3 weeks as it’s related to a work project.

I studied Russian at university but have not used it recently, and I am starting a project at work that requires Russian. So I want to have some lessons to improve!

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I need Russian for my job to go to Sochi next year.

Looking for help with Russian accent for a show in the West End of London theatre.

Indeed, learning Russian can help you boost your career. In fact, profound language skills are highly valued by prospective employers. Due to globalisation speeding up, there is an urgent need for multilingual staff. So, grow your skills and advance your career or reach out to your Russian-speaking audience.

#6 Interest in Russian culture, literature or history

I like Russian movies, I read Russian magazines and books (easy ones). I love languages and linguistics. Speaking languages makes me happy 🙂 I went to Russia 3 times. I am looking for a teacher for conversation mainly to keep up my Russian.

why to learn russian
Love for Russian culture

I’ve never learned Russian before but love Russian history and literature.

My goal is to reach the fluency of course, but based on Russian literature and cultures, those are the fields I like the most.

What could be more gratifying than the ability to read Dostoyevsky in the original language? Or you would like to surprise your friends by singing a Russian song without any accent? Or your dream is to recite poems by Pushkin? Actually, you will have to learn Russian to be able to do that. And love for unique Russian culture, literature or history will definitely help you succeed in learning the language!

#7 Why not learn russian as a hobby / for fun?

I am interested in learning Russian for fun. I used to learn it once a week one to one tuition but my teacher had to leave UK.

Learning Russian for fun

My Russian is nonexistent and very basic. I just visited Moscow for the first time last month and would love to learn the language. I’m really looking to be conversational as quick as possible.

When you get interested in learning the language after visiting a Russian-speaking country, you are quite motivated. Experts believe that interest and positive motivation are the main factors influencing your progress in learning a new language. So use them to succeed!

#8 One of the most beneficial things to do at home during lockdown

I was thinking of doing a weekly class, since we’re currently in lockdown due to the virus.

We have been told to stay at home because of this virus so I now have lots of free time. I wondered whether I might be able to do an intensive Russian course online?

I am very interested in lessons during lockdown and for the future. 

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Indeed, when we are in a trap at our own homes, we can greatly benefit from learning a new language. Wondering how? The Swedish MRI study showed that learning a foreign language has a visible effect on the brain. Young adult military recruits with a flair for languages learned Arabic, Russian or Dari intensively, while a control group of medical and cognitive science students also studied hard, but not at languages. MRI scans showed specific parts of the brains of the language students developed in size whereas the brain structures of the control group remained unchanged. As you can see, investing in your mind is really a great idea!

#9 Maintaining and improving Russian skills for those who have degrees in Russian

I studied Russian language and literature at Oxford University and lived in Yaroslavl for 8 months. I am going back to Oxford to do a Master’s degree in September and would like to get my Russian back up to scratch. My end goal is to speak fluently in Russian on all topics and colloquially. 

reasons to learn russian
Maintain your Russian skills after graduation

I’m looking for a Russian teacher who can help me with this hard language. I’ve got a degree in Russian taken in Italy, but since my graduation day I had no chance to go on with my studying. I tried to learn it by myself as I’m doing with other languages, but I can’t do with this one.

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I have master’s degree in Russian language. Since I finished Uni in Poland in 2002, I have not been using this language on daily basis. I think I need some practice and have some conversation.

You studied Russian at university but feel like being quite rusty now? Cost-effective and efficient online lessons with an expert native teacher are exactly what you need!

#10 Speeding up progress for self-taught students

I am a complete beginner, although I have taught myself the Cyrillic alphabet and a few basic phrases. Although I’d like to start learning more seriously now. 

I have started to learn Russian by myself a month ago – I believe I have a good foundation of the alphabet which helps me with reading but would like to revise to ensure I am on the right path. Also I have tried to learn as many words as I could but I have no grammar knowledge. I am a fast learner and speak several languages. Hence, I am excited to learn Russian in a faster pace as I find languages stick better when learned that way.

Learn Russian with a native teacher 🙂

I started learning Russian about three years ago but have not progressed much further with respect to speaking. So, I will like to give your training a try.

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If you are trying to learn Russian at the moment, scheduling some Russian lessons will be a great idea. No matter what level you have achieved – whether you know some of the alphabet and can just read some Cyrillic or know quite a lot of words and even the structure of the cases – lessons with a native Russian teacher will definitely help you speed up your progress. Besides, online sessions are extremely convenient when you work full time and require flexibility around teaching hours.

#11 Reaching conversational fluency for intermediate and advanced students

I am interested in your Russian lessons. I am quite advanced as I have been learning for many years now.

My son learnt Russian up to AS level five years ago but has not used the language since then and is just finishing a university degree in an unrelated subject. He is keen to improve his skills in Russian – conversation and writing.

Improve your writing skills in Russian

I would like to have Russian lessons. I am Lithuanian and studied in Moscow. However, for 20 years I did not use the language actively. I would like to regain my confidence in speaking Russian. Perhaps online lessons would be the best at the moment.

I was studying Russian, and spoke well in this language but it was few years ago. And I would like to remind all vocabulary etc.

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I was interested in resuming my Russian lessons. I lived in Odessa for 3 months and had roughly 30 hours of lessons. However, my pronunciation isn’t good.

I studied Russian many years ago and would like to learn it again. I have forgotten so much and need a teacher to help me. Your Skype tutoring would work for me. I want to become fluent in conversational Russian so vocabulary lists and phrases will be useful.

You may be looking for some extra help in getting your confidence back with Russian. If you speak on an advanced or intermediate level, but haven’t used the language for a while, you will be interested mostly in conversation on different topics.

#12 Extra help and exam preparation for students of Russian

I am a university student studying Economics but with a course in Russian at post-A Level/degree level. Looking for someone to practice speaking with as this is an area I am really struggling with.

I study Russian at UCL but want an extra one or two hours a week to improve my speaking.

I just got back from Moscow where I did a two months’ intensive course and I am now enrolled at an evening course at Kings College. However, I need some additional lessons where I just get to talk a bit basically.

Exam preparation

Our son who is 16, has a Russian GCSE test this summer, and we are wondering if we can arrange some lessons

I am thinking about applying to university to study Russian. In order to study Russian at degree level, most courses require me to have an A level in Russian. So I’m looking for someone to take me from complete beginner to A level standard in a reasonably intensive manner.

I am doing an Edexcel IGCSE Russian exam this summer having been learning for two years with my school. I did a mock in January and got 86%, but would like to push that higher and my speaking is fairly atrocious.

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I am a student at Oxford studying Russian and am looking for some help with exam preparation.

Good enough reasons why to learn russian …

So why not choose at least one of them for self-motivation? But if you are still in doubt why to learn Russian and if this language is really worth studying, just give it a try. Our expert native-speaking teachers are here to help you! I promise, if you tried out some lessons with us, you would be amazed with your progress. To get an A2 or even B1 level in 3 months’ time is an achievable goal for most language learners. Wondering if you could learn Russian in 90 days? Take a short test.

why to learn russian
Get on well with the Russian

If you tend to learn fast, it doesn’t really matter if you are generally good with languages or not. All you need is a professional teacher who will create a personalised study programme adopted to your interests, objectives, level and learning style. Indeed, no matter what learning goal you want to achieve. To know only some basic Russian phrases and learning the alphabet to read and understand signs while travelling or being able to converse on complicated topics with native speakers. Online tuition is an easy solution. Not sure if online format would work for you? Just consider its advantages.

Please mind that our trial lesson is free and without any obligations. Book it now!

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